Seven Deadly Sins is Fun

I am in the second season of Seven Deadly Sins, and I find that its universe is both interesting and find it a fun anime to watch. The main character – Meliodas is an overpowered, and perverted character with always a smile on  his face. It’s hard to picture him as the one bearing the […]

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Review

Giants eating humans… Giants around 15 meters tall, at the average… Giants that somehow can move fast enough that almost always guarantees death if you encounter them, unless you have special equipment to make you move faster – like a horse… Giants that can regenerate lost limbs and other various body parts… Giants that eat […]

One Piece 273 – Luffy’s Resolve

I have to admit – I liked Luffy’s speech on how he must be able to protect his nakama so that he does not lose them. Luffy first experienced complete and utter defeat at the hands of Ao Kiji.  Thankfully, the Marine Admiral was not that interested in capturing them at that moment, and so […]