On Studying Writing

“If you want to be a writer – read things.” I’ve had this advice thrown on me countless times, either by people or from articles and blogs that I have read. However, it should have been more specific – or rather, I should have interpreted the advice more specifically. If you want to be a […]


The afternoon was quiet except for the faint chirping of cicadas hidden within the nearby trees. Jack has been sitting on his porch for half an hour already, staring out into nothing in particular. He could hear nothing but the chirping of the cicadas. A group of children passed, laughing loudly. To Jack, however, they […]


I found that one of a writer’s worst enemies is himself. It can be very paralyzing when working to make a manuscript, or typing out a story, or even attempting to craft a post when your mind is plagued with doubts. “Is it good enough? Will it be appreciated? Will it be received well?” I, […]


The blinking cursor at my screen is clamoring for me to craft words out of thin air. It seems easy enough… my fingers tap at the keyboard and words began appearing on my screen in front of me. “A story…” that’s what the empty screen is begging me to tell. “I would, if I could,” […]

Getting Back Into Writing

I haven’t done any writing in while… and frankly, I jumped into writing this post because I am procrastinating on doing other work things… oh boy. I have found that the best way to get back into the habit of writing is to forcibly break the ice and just charge through it. Write anything. It […]

Why I Got Bored Out of One Piece Episodes

I am a One Piece Fan, yet I haven’t watched an anime episode in a while (I have been up to date in the manga, though)… So, I decided to pick it back up again from where I left off… After being three episodes in, I got bored and could no longer continue, and here’s […]

Just Checking In

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? This are still a bit hectic on my end. While I am procrastinating on my current work, I decided to check in the site and do a tiny blog post (so most of you would not be wondering if I somehow managed to walk off the edge of […]