Where to start in Writing Fantasy?

I am trying to write a better fantasy story. I have written some in the past – though I don’t think they are that good… Anyway, I am trying to figure out where must I begin? In the characters? Should I try fleshing my main characters first? Should I give them traits, skills, and weaknesses? […]

How Deadlines Can Help You

Most people dread deadlines. I don’t. I crave them. Deadlines are not the end of the world. It should be a goal – a target. I like the rush of breezing through one objective after another when the deadlines are near, and I even like the better rush I feel when those deadlines are met. […]

The Process of Writing Is Not All Typing

This post is generally a message to myself. I am feeling a bit of anxiety over the fact that I can’t seem to progress in my writing process. I want to write, but I also do not want to write mediocre stuff. I want to improve my writing and tell good, compelling stories. I have […]

How Arguments Work For Me

I have a positive view on arguments. I view it as a means of expressing opinion and a way of changing another person’s mind and perspective by presenting evidences – whether they be statements of facts, or others. What I mean to say is that, if your argument can be backed up by valid evidences, […]