On A Dry Spell: Dealing with Creative Block

I don’t seem to have any good ideas lately… probably from being too tired… It can be hard to do any good thinking when you’re mentally or physically exhausted. So why in the world am I writing about it? I find it therapeutic. Often, when I am experiencing writer’s block, I remedy it by writing […]

Writing for Others Can Be Tough

I mentioned in my previous post that my wife is thinking of making a vlog. She finally started working on it, and asked me for support on writing for her a script. While I did a few writing jobs for ads years ago, writing a script for another person can be difficult. In writing a […]

How to Improve your Ink Drawings

This is my third year participating in Inktober, and, while I do not claim to be an expert at inking, or drawing, I do understand the struggles artists have with drawing in ink. Ink is hard to work with because it is permanent. With paint, you can paint over a mistake and try again, unlike […]

Inktober Day 5: Chicken

Completed on October 4, 2018 I have to admit, this was my initial drawing for the “Roasted” prompt. However, when I completed it, and saw that a “Chicken” was on a prompt later on, I shelved this, and drew another one. I am not one with a lot of free time that I can throw […]

Are Blogs Still Relevant?

Hello everyone. How was your weekend? I haven’t written anything in here in the past few days because I have been busy with working on our store and on weekend chores.  However, as I was figuring out what to talk about today, it got me thinking, are blogs still relevant? Or did other forms of […]