Hellsing Anime – Initial Impressions

Nothing like a good vampire anime to get the blood flowing! (pun intended)

It’s bloody, a lot of action and has interesting characters. Well, at least that’s what I saw from the first two episodes that I watched.

Alucard is an interesting character from the air of mystery and power he gives.  He prides himself as a genuine vampire, and seems to be happy to rid the world of vampires that taint their names.  Plus he has a big, and cool-looking gun.

Somehow, it reminds me of Trigun when I first saw it.

Alucard without his hat looks strange.

So what is the anime about? Without any research or knowledge of the manga, a someone who watches the first episode will learn that the show is about a powerful vampire working under the Hellsing Organization to kill and exterminate other vampires. The Hellsing Organization is composed of humans.

I’m curious as to how Alucard got himself in the situation of serving under humans, though it is implied that the leader of Hellsing has something to do with it.

The first episode also introduced a new vampire, by the name of Seres Victoria.  Everyone probably would know her as the “Police Girl.”  Her struggles with accepting her fate as a vampire, and trying her best not to be a monster can be somewhat interesting.  It can get annoying, sometimes, as she tends to forget that she is no longer human.  Though, it is a genuine feeling someone might get, specially if you’ve been turned into a vampire overnight.

So, is this good? Of course it is! Not only is it a classic, but it’s kick-ass.  It’s definitely a must-watch.  I’m certainly wondering why I’ve placed this anime on hold for a long while, long after I’ve heard about it.


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