So Nice Soju – Green Grape or Grapefruit? (Philippine Soju)

During the holidays, while my wife grabbed her non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice, I took two soju off the shelf.

So Nice Soju Grapefruit flavor.

Last year, I also bought this as a last-minute decision. I was originally planning to try new flavors this time, but there were limited choices available at the store. There was the original unflavored one, green grape and grape fruit.

I did not see myself enjoying an unflavored soju… so this time, I picked the two flavors green grape and grape fruit.

So Nice Soju Green Grape Flavor

As I write this post, I just learned that those three were the only available flavors of soju for this brand.

So, if you are like me, and not a snob of drinks, and would not mind a locally-manufactured alcoholic drink based off of a foreign product, this drink can deliver the holiday celebratory buzz that you could use to get yourself through the troubles of holiday dinners. It’s definitely cheaper compared to the imported ones.

Unfortunately, I did not drink the two side-by-side, nor can I recall which among the two is the better flavor. I do recall that I was able to drink the green grapes easier compared to the grapefruit one. It seemed to be the sweeter-tasting of the two. But, as my memory is hazy, please don’t take my word for it. Perhaps next time, I will drink the two and do a better comparison on which I would prefer. Hmmm… a blind taste test, perhaps? Yes – that sounds like a good idea.

Perhaps next time, I’ll buy all the three flavors and do a proper review or at least a blind taste-test on which I would prefer.

So – how is the flavored soju as a drink? It’s not that bad. The bitterness is masked by the flavors, but the flavor is not too overpowering as to make you forget that you are drinking an adult beverage. Likewise, the 14.5% alcohol content, for its strength is relative to the drinker. Heavy drinkers would probably not feel the effect after just a bottle. As I am a casual drinker, I felt the buzz with half a bottle.

Anyway, how did your holidays go? I hope you are all doing fine.

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