How to Write Action Scenes in First Person

Writing in first person can be a unique an interesting experience for a writer. It allows you to get inside the head of your main character, and experience the fictitious world you have set them in through their eyes. However, there are certain considerations you have to make when writing in first person, particularly when […]

How Deadlines Can Help You

Most people dread deadlines. I don’t. I crave them. Deadlines are not the end of the world. It should be a goal – a target. I like the rush of breezing through one objective after another when the deadlines are near, and I even like the better rush I feel when those deadlines are met. […]

If you can’t get over it, get around it

I have been stuck for a while in my NANOWRIMO. I cannot properly write and describe the outfits of some characters.  While they are not the major characters, nor background characters, I thought that fleshing them out by describing what they look like better could help define them a bit more. But I am terrible […]

On A Dry Spell: Dealing with Creative Block

I don’t seem to have any good ideas lately… probably from being too tired… It can be hard to do any good thinking when you’re mentally or physically exhausted. So why in the world am I writing about it? I find it therapeutic. Often, when I am experiencing writer’s block, I remedy it by writing […]

Writing for Others Can Be Tough

I mentioned in my previous post that my wife is thinking of making a vlog. She finally started working on it, and asked me for support on writing for her a script. While I did a few writing jobs for ads years ago, writing a script for another person can be difficult. In writing a […]