Inktober Day 5: Chicken


Completed on October 4, 2018

I have to admit, this was my initial drawing for the “Roasted” prompt. However, when I completed it, and saw that a “Chicken” was on a prompt later on, I shelved this, and drew another one. I am not one with a lot of free time that I can throw out a potential prompt that I have finished… So, yeah…

I am still catching up with all the prompts, specially since my time does not necessarily allow me to sit down to do drawings… Fortunately, this year has been one of my better Inktober runs. My decision to use the prompts have been very helpful.

Why using prompts for inktober is helpful?

Well, you can spend your time focusing on the prompt while figuring out what to draw. If all else fails, a simple drawing with the prompt could work. While it may not leave you with that satisfying feeling of accomplishment, at least you have one day marked off your list. This is much more effective than starting out the day with “what will I draw for today?” With a prompt, you can have a more concentrated effort, rather than a much too wide of a choice on what to do. It can be pretty taxing, and as the days progress into the month, you will come to a time when you are burnt out and out of ideas.

How is your inktober progress?

Have a nice day.


Inktober 2018 Day 1: Poisonous


Completed on October 2, 2018

I’m working off the official prompt this year, to hopefully help me get more work done for Inktober this year.

I had difficulty with this work, mainly because it involved fluid in a glass sphere… Also, it was supposed to have someone looking at the poison, but I could not make the right proportions. I’m very rusty with my drawings.