I have been binging in Jojos – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures All SeasonsI am no stranger when it comes to the story of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. I have been reading the manga, at least up to some chapters in Steel Ball Run, the 7th part of the manga.

This month, however, I decided to partake in the anime. It has been years since I read it, and there are a lot of details lost to me. Which means that it is perfect for me to watch because there are parts of the story that will still be suspenseful and thrilling, and that I would not be generally spoiled in the experience.

What made me interested in this bizarre anime? The story of the Joestars that spanned generations is what hooked me. Despite each part being a complete story of its own, when a new part starts, old characters reemerge, familiar plots are visited and the universe and the details of the anime’s world is expanded.

The English dub of the anime is not bad, either. The first part, Phantom Blood is set in 19th century England, therefore, the words used and the manner of speaking is old, which adds character to the setting. If it was in Japanese, one would probably not have to mind this details, but this is something I appreciate in the English dub.

What set me diving into the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures anime? Well, I thought I would watch Vento Aureo (Golden Wind), but I just could not get myself to jump at the anime in that part. No. I had to start at the beginning. Golden Wind is deeply connected with the Joestar’s ancient enemy, Dio. How could I watch it without starting in Phantom Blood? And so, my journey began.

Stardust Crusaders

Joseph Joestar, the third in the generations of Joestars became one of the most interesting characters. Not only did he became a master of a breathing martial arts called “Hamon”(also known as Ripple), he also became a Standuser. In fact, in Stardust Crusaders, it was very interesting to see him use his stand and Hamon together as a weapon against Dio.

I managed to complete Stardust Crusaders and have just started Diamond is Unbreakable. I forgot that the two Jojo’s here are uncle and nephew.

In any case, my journey in the Jojo universe is far from over, and I am already chest deep in it.

What made me drop the manga? Well, there were “events” in the Stone Ocean part of the Jojo Universe that sort of changed the flow of the story. I remember putting the manga on hold before I continue reading it again because it felt like a completely different story from that point on (which it actually was.)

In any case, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is an experience that is worth the time and effort, despite the long history of the Joestars.

Among the disadvantages of watching the anime in dub is the lack of Dio’s “Wrryyy….”, and Jotaro’s “Yare yare daze”. At least they kept the “Ora, ora, ora…” Hahaha…

As a writer, there are good lessons in character building, world building, and even all around story-telling that one can learn from this.

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