It is Okay to Be Happy – A BoJack Horseman Review


For the past few weeks I had been watching BoJack Horseman on Netflix, to the point that my wife got sick of seeing me watching “that ugly horse cartoon again” over and over again. Hahaha…

I have to admit – the show got me hooked. I could not help but relate to the things the characters were going through – the depression, the anxiety, the addiction, the entire mess of their lives.

If you haven’t watched the series finale yet, mild (really mild) spoilers ahead. You have been warned. 🙂

The show started out as interesting and funny. However, as it progressed, it got scary. The characters go through things in their lives that definitely has negative repercussions to themselves and to everyone in their lives. Friends and family are pushed away in their attempt to punish themselves in their belief that they do not deserve to be happy.

It came as a catharsis when I saw good things start happening to the main characters. Then something would throw a wrench in their lives and everything would come crashing down on them. The fear and and anxiety that seemingly pushes them to the edge would creep up. It can get overwhelming.

You can change for the better. You can move forward, and away from your past life, but your past will always catch up to you. You can keep running away, but it will always be there chasing after you. Our past, no matter how ugly, will always be a part of us. It is something that has molded us to the person that we are now. If we had not experienced it, then we would not be the better person that we are here today.

We deserve happiness.

One of the lessons I was able to take from the series is that we deserve happiness. We may be a shitty piece of manure that did nothing but bad things to everyone, but we don’t have to punish ourselves for it. We don’t need to push everyone away when things start getting good. Everyone deserves to be happy, no matter what.

“Life is a bitch, and you keep on living.”

Perhaps the best lesson that has stuck to me from the series finale is this quote – “Life is a bitch, and you keep on living.” BoJack first said that “Life is a bitch, and you die.” In his version, he sees life as something which does not matter. All the chaos and mess that we encounter in life is useless. We will all die in the end, right? Dianne corrected him, saying that “Life is a bitch, and you keep on living.” Yes, life is a mess, a chaotic mess of turmoil and troubles and problems, but no matter what – we must keep on living.

In conclusion, yes, BoJack Horseman made me feel shitty about myself and the world – but in the end, it’s fine. We just need to keep on living, enjoying every small victories we have, savoring every joy we can scrounge. Because that is life, and that is what it means to live.

I hope you have a nice day. And if you aren’t, I hope you find something today that would make your day livable to the next.


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