Still As Amusing As It Was – Fruits Basket (2019) Episode 1

I don’t usually do episodic anime reactions and reviews – so this will probably be an on and off thing.


Anyway, I decided to watch the reboot of Fruits Basket today, and episode 1 was as amusing as I remember it. I guess what they say about the reboot and the old anime version being true to the source material up to a certain point must be true. There are some changes that I am expecting – specially how they handled Shigure. However, for now, I still find him as amusing as ever.

Some foreshadowing.

I don’t even remember how far into the anime series I managed to – was I even able to finish it? My list has it on hold… I doubt I did…

Anyway, I am liking the art style and I find it amusing… so I’ll probably keep on watching this show while I can.

Goodness… I remember why I don’t do reviews all too often of shows – getting screenshots can be a bit troublesome, eh? Hahaha…

Anyway, that is all for now. See you around.


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