Seven Deadly Sins is Fun

I am in the second season of Seven Deadly Sins, and I find that its universe is both interesting and find it a fun anime to watch.

The main character – Meliodas is an overpowered, and perverted character with always a smile on  his face. It’s hard to picture him as the one bearing the sin of wrath. I do admit that most of his antics make me slap my forehead a couple of times, but it does make me chuckle a bit.

Probably one scene that never fails to give me a good laugh is his interaction with Ban. Ban is an immortal. Meliodas has overwhelming strength. When these two meet it always causes chaos and destruction.

Thinking about it, a full powered high-five from Meliodas might make an ordinary human explode to pulps.

So why Seven Deadly Sins? They are an elite group of knights with incredible abilities, however it would seem that each of them has a past that reflects their titled sins. Each of them has an animal symbol and sin associated with them. Meliodas is the dragon sin of wrath. Ban, is the fox sin of greed. How they got their sin title is revealed in the series. I am a bit wondering about how they got their animal symbols, but I do have a bit of an idea.

The world the story is set is also interesting – a world set in a time where the human and nonhuman worlds were forever divided. Therefore, this fantasy world has most of your basic fantasy elements of knights, wizards, giants, magicians, demons and gods.

The entire series is not all fun and games, however, and it would seem that the first season of the anime is simply a taste of what is yet to come.

As an added bonus, one of their Opening Credits is done by Man with A Mission, and it is entitled “Seven Deadly Sins.”

In any case, I find it amusing, and would continue on to watch Season 2, and also take a look at some of the spin-offs that are available.


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