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About Lite Edition

Welcome, friend.

I am Jomz. I am a writer and a graphic artist based in the Philippines.

Making creative works has always been my passion. It is fun and enjoyable to do.  I created this wordpress blog to reach out to a wider set of audience.  A self-hosted, free site has its limitations.  I dream of having my own site, but that shall come later, I guess.

I got the name Mauru’s Realm from watching Japanese anime (maru), and since my first name got two names, I made my pen name to J. Mauru by cutting the first name to a letter. But I am better known as Jomz.

This blog, while it will contain a lot of personal posts, will also contain art and design posts.

This is a personal blog, hybrid.

So why Lite Edition?

As I have mentioned above, I have a personal portfolio site at  It got more content, like my graphics and wallpaper portfolio.

This blog does not have those.

It does not mean that being “Lite” means less content, though. So stick around, and see you around.


Comments are highly appreciated.  Other options to contact me can be via Twitter or via the Mauru’s Realm Facebook Page.


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