Refreshing My Web Design Skills

I haven’t designed a website in years.

Photo by hitesh choudhary on is also a lazy way to designing. You just pick a template that you like, and you roll with it. Very little customization that you can do.

There was a time when I can build a website from scratch, but yeah, those were static websites, not dynamic like the ones we use for blogging.

The trend nowadays with website is that the content should be churned out regularly. You don’t need to manually code the page that will hold the content for your blog, the “blog system” will handle that for you.

I find web design and web development go hand and hand with each other.

Why the sudden need? Nothing in particular. I just want to get out of the slump that I am in. Give myself a distraction, and also polish up a skill.

Like I said, it has been years, and web technology has changed a lot!

Last time I tried web design was two or three years ago. I was supposed to design a website using wordpress for some kind of event or activity. That did not pan out. However, I still feel rusty regarding template building, so I want to study PHP, CSS and wordpress templates again.



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