Wow, I’m Linked to TVTropes

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I was surprised to see in one of my referrer sites that my site got an incoming link from TVTropes.

I love that site. I have spent hours reading various tropes and things related to media that I have watched over there. I find it a useful tool for writing, and even in analyzing movies, TV series and anime.

Naturally, I had to investigate.

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Why I Got Bored Out of One Piece Episodes


I am a One Piece Fan, yet I haven’t watched an anime episode in a while (I have been up to date in the manga, though)… So, I decided to pick it back up again from where I left off…

After being three episodes in, I got bored and could no longer continue, and here’s why:

  1. Too long of an intro. After the opening song, there is always the Gol D. Roger narration of how the golden age of piracy started.
  2. There is always a recap of the previous episode.
  3. The actual episode is only a few minutes long.

Well, I do understand that it is a weekly anime, and was never really built for binge-watching. However, I do tend to binge watch mainly because waiting too long would mean that I might forget what happened in the previous episode (hence I understand the need for the recap done at the start of every episode).

Anyway, I’d just have to soldier on if I do want to catch up with the anime. The forward button is going to be a good friend in these trying times.

As a side note, I am still stuck in the Thriller Bark Saga.




One Piece Manga 621 – Two paths

This chapter continues the flashback of the fishmen pirates that was formed underFisher Tiger.  A word of warning, there are spoilers ahead.  Read the chapter first. Continue reading “One Piece Manga 621 – Two paths”

One Piece 273 – Luffy’s Resolve

I have to admit – I liked Luffy’s speech on how he must be able to protect his nakama so that he does not lose them.

Luffy first experienced complete and utter defeat at the hands of Ao Kiji.  Thankfully, the Marine Admiral was not that interested in capturing them at that moment, and so they Continue reading “One Piece 273 – Luffy’s Resolve”

One Piece 181-184 – Jaw Dropping Surprise

I managed to watch some One Piece today, and as much as I can’t wait to finish the Sky Island Arc, I am still in the middle of it.

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