Kabeneri : Don’t Start With the Netflix Version

I wish I had known about this when my sister recommended that I give Kabaneri a try.


It was pitched to me as an action anime set in a zombie-apocalypse world. It’s a genre I liked, and so it immediately went in my to-watch list.

However, the episode number on MyAnimeList (MAL) and the episode on Netflix made me wonder… why are they different? On MAL, it was listed as a twelve-episode series, but on Netflix, it was only three. Continue reading “Kabeneri : Don’t Start With the Netflix Version”


High School of the Dead 2 – It’s always those you least expect

When Saya picked Kouta  I had no idea what she was thinking  teaming up with him… I mean, a guy crawling around on his knees can’t be that good at fighting by your side during a zombie invasion, right?

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Blackest Night – not your average zombie invasion

Aside from the fact that it involves the DC Universe’s (or multiverse) superheroes, the undead of the Blackest Night event is different.

They are not your mindless zombies that want to eat your brains… No, they seem intelligent enough.  Aside from that, they also got their memories before they died.  This makes it hard for the living heroes to fight off the zombies.  It is like they have returned to life… Well, as long as you ignore that shade of gray skin, rotting body and probably dead smell… You get the picture?

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