It’s Hard Fighting Other People’s Delusions

I find dealing with a person’s perception of truth difficult to deal with.

Another person’s idea of truth is limited to their own perception, and this perception is influenced by personal bias.

It is also very frustrating to deal with them, most specially when things that are out of my control are involved. Technology fails, like internet connection or program crashing – my fault. Events not going as you have planned – my fault.

It pisses me even more when an unintentional event is being portrayed as something that I have intentionally done. No, I did not drop the call, the signal dropped and so the phone call was cut. No, that video call ending was not because I ended the call, it just stopped. Internet connection maybe?

Therefore, the burden of proof is always on me. I should always be prepared to show proof that I poor mobile connection or poor internet connection.

It is very exhausting.


Author: jomz

Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist. Writer.

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