One Week at A Time

Looking forward to a new episode each week has helped me get through life.

It’s a small think to look forward to, nothing grand nor fancy, but at least it gives me purpose.

I tried starting a NANOWRIMO entry. I got a generic story, but the details gives me writers block. No matter, I’ll see if I can at least flesh out an interesting story. I have always been a short story writer. Details that make up novels is far beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, I try.

I was not able to do any inktober for 2022. It made me feel lost and empty. The most “painting” that I did was repainting this stone bird that my wife uses as a decoration in the plant box. I put in the effort I would with painting a mini figure – thin, but multiple coats of paint to avoid brush marks (though the concrete bird was not very smooth to begin with.)

My redbubble shop is also doing somewhat well with sticker sales. Well, that’s better than none. I still appreciate the support.

I hope you are all doing well.

Have a nice day!


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