What Does Not Kill You

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Hello everyone. How are you all doing? It’s good to see you (though I really can’t because this is just a blog post, hahaha…)

Do you know how to handle yourself in unknown situations?

It can be hard being tossed in the middle of something that you haven’t been prepared for.

Once, after a long eight-hour drive on the way home, I realized that my car’s tire was punctured and I was almost running flat. Fortunately, I was near my parent’s neighborhood, so I shot my father a message.

“Flat tire. Need help. I am in the highway outside.”

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Incoming Milestone!

Hello everyone.

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As I’m writing this, I have 96 followers. It’s not much compared to most of you big-shots with thousands of followers, but for me, who have only started focusing on growing this blog sometime late last year, my first one hundred followers would be a big milestone.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who have decided to follow and subscribe to my humble blog. I hope I can continue to educate, entertain and not disappoint you guys too much. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

I originally did not know what to do, write or post on this site. I literally had no direction. No direction, means no growth, and that’s exactly what happened. This blog had almost no growth in the past few years.

Then I realized I want to be a full-fledged writer. To be a writer, I must, therefore, write. Where do I write? I thought about that for a while. I thought that blogging must have fallen out of the mainstream’s radar probably due to micro-blogging and social media. It was a dying thing, I thought.

I could not have been so wrong!

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Be Careful When Investing Money In Business

Have you ever found yourself in a tight corner, in despair with almost nowhere to go?

That’s what I feel now after I received a notification from my bank. I am two months due for my home loan payments, and I am now very close to probably getting sued and evicted.

I thought I could stretch it out until my next paycheck on the 15th. I thought I could make it and survive for a few more days. One more week…

Then I received the bank’s message.

I felt like a truck hit me.

Aside from my work, we also run a small store. It’s not much, a mom and pop store. With recent economy changes, and a change in the business environment, it has been struggling.

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You Got To Work It

Hello everyone. How are you all doing?

In the past few days I have been seriously looking into potentially publishing a collection of my short stories as an ebook over in Amazon.

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However, I have realized that I do not have that many short stories available!

Hmmm… This is a problem.

Here is what I have so far:

  1. Since it is a collection of short stories, I need to have a theme for the entire book. A hodgepodge of randomly packed stories would be a terrible idea. Perhaps something along the lines of fantasy, mystery and science fiction – things that I like, and have dabbled into actually writing?
  2. Do I publish it myself? Or find a publisher? This is probably one of the big things I have to make a decision on. If I will have to publish it myself, there are a lot of work I have to do. Formatting, cover design, the blurb – that’s just for the book itself. Then, there’s the marketing aspect – finding a way to get my book in my reader’s face so they would at least think about buying it. Should I opt to find a publisher, well, that’s another batch of questions and researching that I must do, and both involves different pros and cons.
  3. I need more stories. Yeah, I mentioned it already. Frankly, I was disappointed in myself. And I dare call myself a writer? I barely have any completed story under my belt. Hahaha…
  4. Do I have what it takes? This is probably that nagging question in my head that is either trying to pull me down or push me onward. It is making me question both my skill as a writer, and my general worth as a person. I mean, I don’t know… I’m a nobody who’s typing away on a computer somewhere. Why would people want t

Obviously, I have a lot of work to do. However, having a goal in mind somehow made all the work that I will be doing, and all the writing that I have to do seem to be worth the effort.

I have found that having an end goal in mind, an achievement to reach, these things help with the grind and work that one must do.

Aside from the writing that I must be doing, I have also been enlisted by my wife to be her producer for her vlog. She seemed more determined to succeed, therefore I have more work! Hahaha… So far I am the cameraman, the scriptwriter, the director, the sound director, the editor, and have also found myself to be helping with the marketing. My wife is inexperienced with using various platforms of social media to help promote her work. On the bright side, there has been an improvement. We gained two new subscribers in the span of two weeks! That seems significant for us, so.. yay!

Anway, back to being a professional writer…

What are your experiences (if any), with regards to getting your work published? Was it a good, or a terrible experience?

If you found my content useful or interesting, please subscribe to my blog, or even share my works to others. It would be a great help in growing my blog, and I would really appreciate it. If you wish to support me in anyway, please consider checking out my Ko-Fi page, or my Patreon Page..

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That is all for now, have a nice day!

Getting Back Into Writing

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I haven’t done any writing in while… and frankly, I jumped into writing this post because I am procrastinating on doing other work things… oh boy.

I have found that the best way to get back into the habit of writing is to forcibly break the ice and just charge through it. Write anything.

It is starting the ball running that is the tough part, but once it gets going, you just need to use a little energy to keep it going.

I haven’t done any fiction writing. I attempted to write for the March Prompt for MythsoftheMirror, yet have somehow found my story stuck somewhere. It’s a minor detail, but I haven’t just been placing much thought into figuring out what to do. The plot is there, I just need to work on the meat of the story… Hopefully, I get it done before the end of the month. The month is already 50% done… Oh, dear… Hahaha…

Anyway, I’m attempting to write a blog post, to jump-start myself into writing.

I found that whenever I somehow lost the habit or motivation for writing, writing about it sort of helps. It sort of gets my mind into “writing mode”.

Work has been a bit demanding, but things are slowly winding down as the first quarter of the year comes to a close. Perhaps I could get my head back in the writing game and write things.

I think my goal should not be about “writing good stories,” but rather focus more on “writing anything at all.” It should be focused more on writing exercises and prompts. That way, the skill would be kept honed and sharp.

That is all for now. See you around, and have a nice day.


Why I Got Bored Out of One Piece Episodes


I am a One Piece Fan, yet I haven’t watched an anime episode in a while (I have been up to date in the manga, though)… So, I decided to pick it back up again from where I left off…

After being three episodes in, I got bored and could no longer continue, and here’s why:

  1. Too long of an intro. After the opening song, there is always the Gol D. Roger narration of how the golden age of piracy started.
  2. There is always a recap of the previous episode.
  3. The actual episode is only a few minutes long.

Well, I do understand that it is a weekly anime, and was never really built for binge-watching. However, I do tend to binge watch mainly because waiting too long would mean that I might forget what happened in the previous episode (hence I understand the need for the recap done at the start of every episode).

Anyway, I’d just have to soldier on if I do want to catch up with the anime. The forward button is going to be a good friend in these trying times.

As a side note, I am still stuck in the Thriller Bark Saga.




Just Checking In

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Hello everyone!

How are you all doing?

This are still a bit hectic on my end. While I am procrastinating on my current work, I decided to check in the site and do a tiny blog post (so most of you would not be wondering if I somehow managed to walk off the edge of the earth…)

I have not been able to do any writing lately, but have been reading a lot of manga. It somehow have been giving me different perspectives, and hopefully give me fresh ideas on what to work on in the future.

Actually, I’m probably slacking off on my writing, and this is more of me finding a valid excuse for slacking off… hahaha… whoops…

Anyway, once my workload simmers down a bit, I’m going to dive back into writing some for articles, and fiction.

Please bear with me. Thank you, and have a nice day.