What to do with Blogger’s Block?

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Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

It has been more than a week since my last blog post, and I am fearful to say that I might be losing my blogging habit.

I have fallen back into being fearful of what to post, hesitant on what to write, and have been repeatedly deleting what I have initially written.

I guess NANOWRIMO has taken from me more than just my time, eh?

Then again, work has been hectic. It is the end of the year and well, end of the year is the peak season for work. Most of the time, I just felt drained and exhausted, and out of energy to craft some good blog post worthy of your time to read.

So here I am again, breaking the Blogger’s Block, so I can get back into writing again. This is perhaps one of the benefits of having a personal blog. I can write what is in my mind, without worrying much that this will stray from the theme and content of the blog.

Anyway, if you ever find yourself stuck in writing – whether it be on a novel you have been writing on, a short story, an essay or a blog post, I can definitely say that stepping away from it, easing your mind from the pressure of being required to write something is a big help.

You cannot be creative under stress. Well, some can, but if you are stressing over the thing that you are creating, well, it can be a tough journey. I mean, if you are stressed out over work or family, you can probably write about it. The process can be very therapeutic, but if you are stressed out over the therapy, well then, that defeats the purpose of it, am I right?

Reading other people’s blog post is also a big help. Most of the time, we are stuck in writing a blog post because we run out of ideas. Reading what others have written may spark an idea in your head. Writing a comment, finding out that the comment you wrote was too long may prompt you to write a blog post in reply instead.

I find blogging more as a reactionary thing. We encounter something in our lives, be it an event, a news, or an idea from someone, and we just can’t help but react to it. We have to write about it. Sure, writing a short twitter post about it may relieve the itch, but yeah, when the limited character count becomes too limiting, it would be best to pull up wordpress and craft up a longer post.

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