What If You Don’t Feel Like Posting Today?

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Let’s face it, as creators, we know that regular content can rake in viewers and visitors, and the more viewers and visitors we have, the more “successful” our blogs become. Therefore, we have this constant nagging in our minds that we have to always have something up our sleeves so our readers can have something worth their while.

It is good for the handful of pros who have a schedule or calendar of things to post. It is just a matter of building a habit of having content ready to go, for the masses who are struggling to craft something, it can be a struggle.

Blogging takes energy and time. It also requires the creativity and knowledge. If you don’t have prior knowledge stocked up, what you would be churning out would be inflated, useless fluff. Readers certainly would not like that, as they would feel they have been cheated off of their time.

So, what can you do when you don’t feel like posting today?

If you can afford taking a break , take a break. I don’t think there is anything wrong with stepping back a bit when things get a bit too stressful. If you cannot post new content, you could always take the time to build connections with your subscribers by interacting with them via comments. If you cannot post content, it does not mean that you cannot post small comments here and there, right?

Taking a break also benefits you. A relaxed mind can be more creative and can take in more information. The knowledge and information you took in while you were taking a break or hiatus can be used later when you feel like posting something again.

It may seem a bit unprofessional to be talking about doing something when you “feel” like it. However, I believe that creative things – be it writing, drawing, painting, or whatever, requires a large chunk of motivation for the creator. More importantly, they should be positive motivation. True, there are outliers that can create masterpieces despite motivation, there are some that are fueled by negativity, but they are what they are – outliers.

Don’t force yourself if you cannot write. Don’t force yourself if you cannot blog. Don’t force  yourself if you cannot create.

Take a break and relax.

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The year is about to close, and 2019 has been a roller coaster of a ride.

As always, I hope you have a nice day!



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