Five Perks to Wearing a Face Mask

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Wearing a face mask in public has been mandatory in light of the pandemic plaguing the world.

To some, it is seemed as a restraint to freedom. How can one breathe free when there is a piece of cloth plastered to their face, right? Yeah, well that free air might be rather infectious with something that is not freedom.

Anyway, aside from the rather obvious reason that face masks help prevent the infection of the virus, here are five additional reasons why wearing a face mask is not all that bad.

      1. It highlights your beautiful eyes.
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        Well, with most of your face covered, wearing a mask will draw more people to look at your eyes rather than the entirety of your face, which would not be that bad for you, right?

      2. You’re a ninja you can walk (or run) around like a ninja and people will not look at you funny for wearing a mask.
      3. A convenient way to hide blemishes. Got a pimple on your face? You don’t need to use a lot of make-up to cover that up when you go out in public. Your face mask got you covered. Just don’t take it off and no one will be the wiser.
      4. You can grow a beard under there!
        Actually, there are only a limited styles of beards that you can have that will not render N95 masks useless. However, if you have always been clean-shaven, you could grow a villain mustache with your mask on and no one will realize you have a nefarious plan brewing!
      5. You get a more workout just by walking. While the findings toward wearing a mask while training is mixed, athletes claim that wearing a mask that covers your mouth and face while training forces your lungs and heart to work harder, therefore allowing you to be more efficient when you take them off. When out on an errand, I find myself out of breath faster with the mask on. However, when I arrive home and take them off, I feel much more refreshed with each breath I take.


    I don’t really see being forced to wear a mask as a way of infringing on my freedom. If it is for your own safety, and for the safety of others around me, then I’ll have to treat the mask as a new clothing that we have to wear now, like pants.

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