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One of my issues with the education system is that we are forced to learn something which we do not feel we need.

However, looking back on it now, that is the logic of a narrow-minded fool of a youth who failed to see the bigger picture.

Take mathematics, like algebra. In accounting, people see that you only need the basic arithmetic functions of adding, subtracting, and the occasional multiplication and division. Who needs to know algebra, right?

Unfortunately, I learned that it is not the knowledge of finding a letter in an equation that matters, but it is the method and approach of solving a problem. The ability to manipulate a mathematical equation to find a missing variable is very useful in accounting.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been very fascinated with technology and programming. I have, with my limited time and resource, managed to study on some basic programming and data management stuff.

Is it needed in my line of work? Not really. There are programmers that have to do that job, right?

Well, with the help of the skills that I have acquired over a long time, I have managed to build a unique skill for myself – an accountant with programming skills. Which means, I can take simple tasks that are repetitive and menial, use some program to assist me, and enable me to handle processing large transactions.

However, it is not just the ability to program that is helpful. The knowledge of programming enabled me to assist the real programmers in developing programs that is useful for the organization. It just takes a little bit of proper communication.

You see, programmers have a strange way of understanding things – they break it down to the simplest step. Computers are dumb. They lack the necessary logic function that the human brain has to understand certain things. Programmers need to instruct the computer to do a certain task from one step up to the next. You want a computer to create a certain report? Well, you will have to start with instructing it what information is needed, how to organize and store those information, and also how to extract and display that information.

My little programming knowledge allowed me to help with crafting a solution to a problem by helping document the steps and processes that are being performed. Along the way, I also pick up new and interesting things.

So how does learning to build skills help you in life?

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Your value as a person increases with your skill-set.

I probably worded that wrong… your value to companies and other people, is increased by the skill-set that you have.

The value of a skill is increased by the number of people that have that same skill. The harder it is to obtain a skill, the more valuable that skill, and therefore the people holding that skill become.

The more time we invest into developing a skill, the better we will be at performing it.

I may be in the finance industry, but I have not implemented much of the financial skills I have obtained from school in my own life. Well, I did try running a business for a few years, but when it stopped being fun and did not earn much, we opted to stop it.

Now, I am starting to acquire skills for investing.

So, how do I start with that? By learning, and reading. School may be over, but that does not mean that you don’t have to pick up a book and stop learning forever.

So, do yourself a favor – if you are currently still stuck in your house with nothing to do, think of a skill that you want to have, and learn up on it.

That is why during the lockdown of 2020’s a lot of people took up baking.

Anyway, I hope you have a nice day.

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