I Got Scammed. I Did Not Think This Could Happen To Me – But It Did

I got baited to a scam, and fed them my credit card details.

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Everything happened so fast, I’m happy that I somehow began digging as soon as I hit the “Process Order” Button. However, it might be too late.

In our family, I’m the only one who holds the credit card, however, it is per our agreement that we will not charge anything there that we both do not authorize. We usually pay our mobile phone and internet bills there, and also use it for installment purchases for appliances.

Anyway, I got a message from my wife that she will be ordering a few kitchen equipment online. She sent me the link, and told me to log-in in her account and check out the cart. The price seemed good, and I processed the transaction.

However, as soon as I hit “Submit,” the skeptic in me kicked my butt.

“Check the seller,” it said.

The site in question is kitchenaidu.com (I ain’t linking it here, and I do not suggest you visit it, either). A quick google sent me to this site:

Screenshot_2020-06-11 Kitchenaidu com Scam Review of the Fake Online Store

Apparently, it’s a fraudulent website, and I got screwed over.

Is it really fake? Well… further digging landed me this:


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