What If You Don’t Feel Like Posting Today?

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Let’s face it, as creators, we know that regular content can rake in viewers and visitors, and the more viewers and visitors we have, the more “successful” our blogs become. Therefore, we have this constant nagging in our minds that we have to always have something up our sleeves so our readers can have something worth their while.

It is good for the handful of pros who have a schedule or calendar of things to post. It is just a matter of building a habit of having content ready to go, for the masses who are struggling to craft something, it can be a struggle.

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Geoff stood in front of the brown gate at the side of the building.

His palms were sweaty and his heart was pumping like crazy. He looked around and despite the street being busy and people walking about, all he could hear was the loud thumping of his beating heart.

Geoff took a deep breath.

He did not want to be here. In fact, he would rather be back in his old city, with his old friends, goofing off.

This place was new, the faces, the people, the classmates, the teachers… everything was new.

“Be careful you don’t get bullied, Geoff.” John Carlo’s voice echoed in his head as he remembered the instant message he received from his friend last night.

The three-storied, yellow building did not look that inviting, and his feet were rooted at the pavement where he stood.

He watched as children bid farewell to their mother or father, or both – with wide and happy grins plastered on their stupid-looking faces as they step foot through that brown gate.

That brown gate… even the security guard looked menacing.

Geoff gulped and swallowed the saliva in his mouth. His throat felt parch-dry.

This was not the school he wanted to go to. He wanted to go to a university in the provinces, along with most of his small circle of friends. Back in elementary school, they were inseparable – like brothers, they were. Brothers from different mothers.

Yet fate, destiny or God above must have had other plans for him. Money became tight, and they had to move away. At least that’s what his parents told him. Geoff did not really understood.

A boy, almost his size bumped into him from behind, which broke Geoff’s brooding and pulled him back to reality.

He wished he had someone to be with him at that moment – someone to at least give him a bit of support. Yet, he was alone.

It was his fault, really.  He wanted to be treated like a big boy, and insisted that he would go on his school’s first day by himself. Besides, he did not want his new classmates to see him as a mamma’s boy that still lived under his mother’s skirts. That would just serve as more bullying fodder.

He hung his head low and clenched his fist.

“Stupid parents…” he grumbled.  They should have insisted more. They should have not given in to his demands that easily. They could have seen that he was merely acting tough…

He looked at the brown gate again. He has been standing there for more than fifteen minutes already, and there was almost no one left outside anymore.

His courage ran out.

His feet became uprooted.

He felt he could move again, and so he did.

However, it was not in the direction he was expected to go…

Geoff turned around, and walked away from the terrifying gate. He walked away from a fate he did not want. He walked away from the bullies, the new faces and the new classmates… He walked away from what could have been the worst time of his life.


He also walked away from what could have been a great time of his life, yet he was too blinded by fear to even try.

-End –

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