Update: I Got Scammed

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It was a scary ordeal, which although it only lasted for a few moments – I’m glad that that’s done and over with.

In my last post, I shared how I got scammed by a website, and while I realized the situation a few minutes later, dreaded that it might have been too late…

As soon as I arrived home, I called the toll-free number of the bank’s hotline, as advised by replies to me via Direct Messages and e-mails. In light of the low manpower most companies have in connection with the Covid situation, I was somehow glad that they were able to reply to me on that day, at least.

Getting through the hotline was hard. I have been on hold for at least thirty minutes. I was frankly not sure of the duration, but I was seriously wondering why our landline phone did not have a speaker so I could have placed the handset down while I waited for a customer representative to get to me.

When I got through, I told them my situation. They said that they would have to block my card. When they asked for my details, they checked my recent transactions and found that I have had two transactions denied.

“Denied,” I replied with a hint of relief in my voice. I was glad that somehow the bank thought the transaction was fishy and blocked the transaction immediately. “Does that mean I don’t need to block my card?”

The agent on the other line replied that unfortunately, I would still have to get my card blocked because the fraudsters got my card details and that could spell more problems down the line. At least the cost of card replacement will be waived because I got scammed.

I would have to wait seven days – I forgot if it was business days, but it most likely could be, until my replacement card arrives, and that I have to refrain from using my card in the meantime.

Fortunate for me, I used my spare or reserve card which I almost never use, except for purchasing appliances on installment.

And with that, I closed the book on the story on how I got scammed on-line out of my credit card information.

Later that evening, I received an sms message from the bank’s credit card system that I have transactions denied. The two transactions were much higher than the one I have processed, and also they were of different amounts. Also, the transaction were from China.

Please be more careful with dealing with online websites. While I was fortunate to not have my money stolen, the chances that my wife’s personal information could be used in some other shady dealings is high.

The next day, I edited her account information changing names, physical address and e-mail address, with hopes that their database might not have an audit trail for account edits. However, I am wary that the possibility of the website scrapping every bit of detail entered, regardless of edits done is still high.

I may be a veteran on the internet and aware of these scams, however, the chance of a slip-up is still there.

Anyway, thanks for reading, have a nice day, and I hope you stay safe, both in the real world and in the on-line world.

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