It seems I got luck on my side this time when I tested positive for COVID.

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Our entire office was tested for COVID on August 3, 2022 when our boss’ test result returned that day with a positive result. I was not worried, but I was not thrilled of the thought, either. I had a slight sore throat that day, and there is a chance that I may have the virus.

The swab test was not a bad experience, though it was also not a pleasurable one. When my throat was poked with the swab, it was not bad. When both my nostrils were swabbed, it felt like I was being submerged in water and I was drowning. Have you ever had water run up your nose when swimming? It felt like that. It was not a painful experience for me, but it was definitely an uncomfortable one. I involuntarily coughed after it was done.

After we were swabbed, we were ordered to go home. Our office got disinfected and then closed.

Like I said earlier, I was not too worried. My throat was just a bit sore.

The next day, I got a call from the health office bearing bad news. My test came back positive. I reported that I was feeling fine. I was told that we will have to wait for further instructions, but will most likely be locked down for five days. I was also told to wait for the barangay health workers that will put up a tarpaulin sign in front of our house.

We were not particularly excited having a bright red tarp with “House Lockdown” in bold white letters displayed in front of the house. It felt like it will serve as gossip fuel for the neighbors who we practically do not know. Each vehicle that passed by made me wonder with anxiety if these were the people who will drape the said sign outside.

Night came, and they did not come. They will probably come the next day.

Sure enough, on Friday morning they came, and our house was marked.

The entire time that we were on lock-down, we boosted our immune system with vitamins, treated the sore throat with ginger and lemon tea, and I also drank plenty of fluids.

I also got creative with letting out the dog to do their business by extending the leash. I also make sure no one was around so the risk of them running and getting out of control is low.

I mostly did chores, but most of the time, I was either sleeping, or watching videos. I accomplished nothing notable.

I was thankful that my symptoms were mild to negligible. I was practically asymptomatic, though I sometimes feel dryness of my throat at night.

Monday morning came, and the house lockdown sign was removed. I was free!

As I said earlier, I was lucky that my symptoms were mild to negligible. I did not even went through losing my sense of taste and smell, which was supposed to be COVID’s signature symptom. However, when I did a bit of research, it seems that the current common COVID symptoms include sore throat, clogged nose and headache. Loss of taste and smell was becoming less common.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope that you are doing good.

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