And Hell Rages On

I should not have gone to work today…

Yesterday, I did not go to work due to an intolerable headache. I took my blood pressure and it was unusually high.

I assumed it was due to stress yesterday.

As usual, due to unstable connection, my surveillance was not working properly and I suffered greatly for it. I was constantly berated and verbally abused via messages.

Today was the same.

I had a hard time sleeping last night. The thought, the anxiety and dread of the day to come haunted me.

Sure enough, I barely slept. Last I remembered, it was already 6am and I was still awake. I must have fallen asleep but when I awoke, it was already 8:30 am. I was late, but I had a lot of work to do, specially since I took a day off yesterday.

Things were going fine, until we experienced a power outage.

The power generator also was not working properly as the power fluctuated on and off constantly. As a result, my “surveillance” also kept turning off, and so, I was once again assaulted with various verbal abuses. It was a stressful event.

It reached to the point that I was told that I might as well resign from my work. What the fuck? And how do you intend to pay for all the bills and debts? Frankly, I don’t mind retiring. But I’m still years off from stopping from work. The stress, not from my work, but from the treatment I am getting from my spouse while I am at work is unbearable.

Another thing to note that while there was power from the generator, the internet was unstable, and so the verbal abuse and threats continued.

What a fucking great day.

Not only was I subjected to threats, and verbal abuse (via messages), it was also very hot in the office because the air conditioning was off. The generator could not handle them.

Anyway, this is me, barely hanging on to my sanity.

I hope you have a nice day.

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