Things Are Getting Worse

I’m writing this down for my sanity. Things are getting worse.

With new female co-workers in the office, I am not only under constant video call surveillance, every move I make, even how where I move my eyeballs will get recorded, and later interrogated.

If anyone speaks, I get asked about it. If someone talks to the cubicle next to me, I am asked about it. It not only messes with my flow of work being a big distraction, it is also a big source of stress and anxiety.

Also, I am forbidden from standing from my desk. I can no longer drink coffee, go to the comfort room or even stretch my legs. If I do, I get in trouble.

Every few minutes, I will see my screen phone flash – a screenshot has been taken. I try my best to ignore it.

It is getting worse, and frankly, I don’t see things getting any better.

I’m really not OK.


Author: jomz

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