An Unexpected Price to Pay

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I recently had the wooden stairs at home replaced to concrete.

It had cracks at the support, and while it still functions, the risk of it collapsing gets higher as the days go on.

I had the wife handle the project as she is very meticulous with these home improvement projects.

The other day, (June 20), most of it is complete already. The tile work and painting were finished. We are just waiting for the railing, which according to the contractor, will still take some time.

Before the repair of the stairs were done, I had to move the TV (49″ smart tv) from the living room into our bedroom to protect it from the construction works, as it was placed in front of the stairway.

When I was lifting it up the stairs, I had to re-position my grip, and flip the horizontal screen to a vertical hold to navigate the hallway entrance and door to our bedroom. As I flipped… I heard a snap! My heart stopped. I quickly inspected the plastic. Did I break the TV’s case? It seemed fine. I placed the tv in the room, and it stayed there unused until Monday.

When I brought the TV down, this time, I asked for assistance because I said the unit was heavy. I was able to install the unit back to its original position, but when I turned it on, my heart sank. The screen cracked at the part where I remember I heard the snap days ago. I did not damage the plastic casing of the tv… it was much worse. I damaged the screen. It now had a large black line, and various lines distorting the display at the top part.

Now, this TV has served me well for over at least six years, and had I not damaged it, I can still see it working fine for a few years more. What really hurts me is the damage this will cause to my wallet.

I mean, the stairs repair was already unexpectedly expensive. It was almost twice the original estimate, because not only did the contractor low-ball the estimate (there were also materials that we were to shoulder, but we did not expect it to be that expensive), but it seems the design my wife wanted was really, really costly. Aside from that, we also have to do some roof repair, plus the air conditioning also needs to be looked into (and my wife also wants to move it because as she said, the current position is an eye sore)… I really cannot afford replacing this television now.

The TV still works, but yeah, my heart stings every time I look at the terrible display and cracked screen with black spots. I have no one to blame but myself for my own carelessness and incompetence. Last night, I watched on it with a heavy heart.

With this unexpected damage caused by yours truly, it also means that I have practically drained my “hobby funds” that I sometimes request from our family budget, for the next unforeseeable future…

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a nice day.


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