Best Writing Tip To Completing A Novel

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Here’s the best tip I found on how to finish your novel… I wish I had read about it sooner, or I would not be here with a bunch of unfinished works.

Are you ready? It’s finish the first draft.

Mind boggling, right? Hahaha…

If you’re an aspiring novelist and wish to get a novel done, there is no better tip than this. Get it done, and get it done fast.

But then, I can hear you complaining- probably down in the comments section typing – “but Jomz, my work is going to be garbage if I do that!”

Here’s another one I learned – yes, your first draft is going to be garbage. That’s where editing comes in.

Just don’t edit while you work. It will slow you down drastically, and worse – you might end up not finishing your story.

Also, not every draft you finish will be worth polishing in edit. Some stories may not be good enough, and probably would be best tossed in the garbage bin. Hold it! Don’t really toss it in the trash… What I really meant was probably it should be shelved and maybe edited once you have the time to do so in an indefinite future.

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The important thing is that you have the story done.

So what should you do once the draft it done? Evaluate it.

If the story is good, and the writing is good – step away from the story. Stop writing, and work on something else for a while. You might need to give yourself some space from your completed draft before reading it again. You would need a more objective and fresh perspective before you get to editing that piece.

What if the story is good, but you feel that the writing needs some work to improve? Same tip as I said earlier. Step away from your draft for a bit, before you get to editing it. You will need to reset your mind from being a writer to an editor. You will need that objectivity, and you will probably be able to spot more things that needs fixing once you have a bit of time to clear your head out of the writing process.

What if the story is bad? Regardless of how you wrote it, a bad story is a bad story. Shelf it. There may be bits and pieces of that story you may salvage. It could be a side character, a scene, whatever. Chalk it down to experience and move on to your next project.

In conclusion – that first draft is going to be just the first step to getting a complete novel. It does not have to be polished and finished right off the gate.  It will still have to undergo a lot of re-reading, and editing before it can be completed. Just remember – keep that inner editor in you in lock and key while you are in your drafting phase. Just get the story out. Once the story is done, get to editing.

I hope the lesson I learned have reached you early in your writing career, and I hope you find this article useful.

Are there some other tips you have regarding completing that first draft? Please share them in the comments. I, for one, would be very grateful to learn more about how to get that draft completed.

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