What Does Not Kill You

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Hello everyone. How are you all doing? It’s good to see you (though I really can’t because this is just a blog post, hahaha…)

Do you know how to handle yourself in unknown situations?

It can be hard being tossed in the middle of something that you haven’t been prepared for.

Once, after a long eight-hour drive on the way home, I realized that my car’s tire was punctured and I was almost running flat. Fortunately, I was near my parent’s neighborhood, so I shot my father a message.

“Flat tire. Need help. I am in the highway outside.”

I sent him a more detailed message on my exact location, and in a few minutes he was there, and helped me change to my spare tire.

He did most of the work, but let me help here and there, most specially where to place the jack, which was crucial. If you place it in a wrong spot – you could damage the car.

This was my first time encountering a full flat tire. Most of the time, the tires were not that damaged, and I could still roll over to a nearby vulcanizing shop and have them do the work for me. While I did watch, I was not really the one doing the work, and was not using my tools.

Last Friday, I noticed my car’s steering wheel pulling the controls to the right.

Something was not right, and so I pulled over.

The tire was flat, and I was almost running on the rims of the tire!

Fortunately, I knew what to do.

I quickly popped open the trunk, and pulled out the tire wrench, jack and the spare stored there.

I got to work, and jacked the car right up.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I must loosen the nuts first before raising the tires. It became nearly impossible to loosen the nuts. I lowered the car again, but it still was not enough. I asked the wife to step on the brakes while I loosen the nuts.

Once that hurdle was done, the next steps was easy.

I pulled off the flat tire, pushed in the spare, and proceeded to lock in the nuts.

It’s interesting how we can easily get over a situation that we have already experienced in the past.

It would seem that hardships we went through, once we have gone through them, would seem easy once we ever get through them again.

All we have to do is get through the first challenge and survive.

I hope whatever troubles you are going through now would make you tougher and a better person once  you get through it.

On a side note, it would seem that my tire was not punctured at all. I had it checked at a vulcanizing shop, and they found nothing wrong with it. I must have fallen victim to some prank…

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