When You Can’t Seem to Write

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Hello everyone. How are  you all doing this fine day?

I hope you are doing well.

In the past few days I haven’t really been up to writing anything. I tried reviewing the outline and draft that I am crafting for my new novel, but I could not seem to get any ideas flowing. It’s one thing when  you are stuck with writing your first draft, but it is another thing when you can’t even get a decent outline out.

Outline. Yes, you read that right. I am actually working on an outline for my novel.

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Writing for Others Can Be Tough

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I mentioned in my previous post that my wife is thinking of making a vlog. She finally started working on it, and asked me for support on writing for her a script.

While I did a few writing jobs for ads years ago, writing a script for another person can be difficult.

In writing a script, you have to consider the character that you are writing for. How would they say it? What words to use? What manner of speaking?

That is also besides the point of the differing ideas you or the character you are writing for might have.

In any case, I had a hard time thinking up of a script for my wife, and I ended up helping her by writing guidelines on what to speak.

It took a lot of takes.

Fortunately, each take helped build her experience in working with me in front of the camera. I’m apparently the camera man, the director, the writer, and even the producer… Hahaha.

In the end, I never was able to write a complete script. However, the experience also helped me learn on what points to consider, should I try to write a script, outside of a fiction setting, that is.

Script writing for these kinds of video production seem to be more focused on the content, rather than the delivery. It should leave room for adlibs for the speaker to inject their own personality into the talk, and, lastly, it should be structured in a way that would enable the speaker to naturally flow from one topic to the next.

Well, hopefully I could write a script which would be usable in our next production!

See you around, and have a nice day.