Paypal Won’t Give Me My Money

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My redbubble sales rolled in my paypal last Tuesday, on the 15th.

I have been looking forward to this today, because, well, bills got to get paid.

While the money I get from my online shop is tiny, the small amount I get is still a big help in my financial situation.

The minimum payout from redbubble is almost enough to cover a month’s electric bill, or a week’s worth of gas. Like I said, it’s not that large.

Withdrawing funds from paypal is subject to a processing fee. To minimize the cost, I take out funds when the levels are high enough. Generally, that’s when my redbubble payments come in each month (when I’m lucky enough that my sales reach the threshold.) My ko-fi account also is linked to my paypal.

I was looking forward to this day because I knew I met Redbubble’s minimum payout, and I got some bills to pay. The additional funds will be like a breath of fresh air in a claustrophobic situation.

I hurried to paypal when I saw the notification email… and proceeded to transfer the entire amount to my bank. However, my world crashed in on me when I saw this notification error…

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