You mean there’s more?


There’s another typhoon that is forecast to arrive Wednesday night.

I mean, come on! We just had electricity last Friday night, a lot of areas in our city is still in the dark, and internet is still down for our home, and here comes another storm?

It is said to be stronger that typhoon Quinta, but weaker than the last super typhoon Rolly (Goni). I would be really happy if it evaporates into nothingness somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

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Survived The Super Typhoon


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

2020 sucks, and before the year ended, we got hit by a Super Typhoon – the strongest one this year.

I’m here to report that me and my family are doing well despite being hit by super typhoon Rolly (international name Goni).

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Five Uses For Electricity We Often Take For Granted

ball shaped circle close up dark
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It has been five days since Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy) hit our country. While our city did not experience the brunt of its strength, we were under its huge eyewall for a moment.
That said, our home has been without electricity for seven days, too. While we have a small generator that we run for a few hours a day, there are things that the tiny generator cannot support.
Here are five things that electricity has been conveniently providing us, which I am slowly realizing to be important.

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