What Else Can I Do? Writing a Resume

Working on a resume is a mind-racking experience.

While it may seem that the process is easy and quick to do, there are some aspects of it that I find hard – most specially the listing of skills.

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When applying for a job, the resume is the short summary of you as a person, and we use it as a way to present ourselves in a manner that hopefully our potential employer may see to be useful in their company. The basic information is easy. Our educational and personal background is mostly a copy-and-paste of every previous resume that we have made and written, regardless of who our employer is. But that is not what sells. Continue reading “What Else Can I Do? Writing a Resume”

Can You Be an Expert of None?

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It’s a trend that I have been seeing with a lot of successful Internet personalities – their success is anchored on an expertise.

Which got me thinking… In the age that we are living in, are we supposed to be specialized in a single task to be successful?

Will there be any success for the jack-of-all-trades out here, who are, unfortunately, masters of none?

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