The afternoon was quiet except for the faint chirping of cicadas hidden within the nearby trees. Jack has been sitting on his porch for half an hour already, staring out into nothing in particular. He could hear nothing but the chirping of the cicadas. A group of children passed, laughing loudly. To Jack, however, they […]


The blinking cursor at my screen is clamoring for me to craft words out of thin air. It seems easy enough… my fingers tap at the keyboard and words began appearing on my screen in front of me. “A story…” that’s what the empty screen is begging me to tell. “I would, if I could,” […]

The Sacrifice

  This prompt is in participation of Myths of the Mirror’s writing prompt.   There used to be more of us… The frigid temperature of the North was unforgiving. More than half of our party succumbed to the cold. They fell asleep and never woke up. There was only nineteen of us now. We were […]