It Was Good While It Lasted – No More Cartoon Network Art on Redbubble

I received an e-mail today from, and it was a disheartening one…

Their licensing with Cartoon Network and Adult swim ended, and so, the licensed products they approved will no longer be available after January 31, 2022.

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Fighting My Editor to Finish My Draft

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There are only four days left until the end of NANOWRIMO. The challenge is ending, and so is my motivation to completing a “really awesome story.”

My excitement and enthusiasm for this fantasy-adventure story I have been writing for NANOWRIMO is dangerously low. So low that it might break the habit I have built up of slowly writing in words to complete it.

I think my inner editor is slowly breaking free of his bonds. That, or he is yelling at me from the cell in which I have tossed him in.

Either way, it is eating at me and making me doubt myself.

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There’s Always A Way To Screw Up


New Design Up on My Redbubble Shop

Mistakes are inevitable… you know that there are a thousand and one ways one can screw something up.

Remind everyone with this nifty design, either on a shirt or on your phone case. Nobody will fault you for screwing up because it is inevitable! Hahaha…

Available in redbubble for phone cases, shirts, and other stuff. I probably would want to place this on my laptop.

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