If I Ever Found A Giant Robot



If I ever found a giant robot, I sure hope I can figure out how to drive that thing!

It would be a big waste if in the process of pushing a few buttons, pulling some levers or probably flicking a few switches, I either destroy the town I am in, or inadvertently activate the self-destruct mechanism!


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Kid knows his values

I haven’t played first-person-shooting games in a while, and since I have been having a few, uh, stressful situations, I decided to whip out the old game and start blasting some head off.

While I was playing, a kid neighbor, probably around seven years old, looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing.  He often watches me play or use the computer at times.

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Interesting Texture-based Web Design Collections

I like using textures in my works.  Does it show a bit with the way I design or choose designs?  A slight hint of texture goes a long way in giving a work depth and character.

Seeing these more than 30 web designs that used textures and the way they used and placed them made me think of how I can use textures more interestingly.

Below are a random selection of the designs that took my interest.

The texture gave Clickfarm’s site a more earthy feel.  It does look more like a farm, doesn’t it? The clean content just seems to pop right out.

The texture on this site is barely visible.  The background uses a color that is just slightly darker than the theme’s, giving the site a clean and simple feel to it.

Watch your head! What really caught my attention on this one was the deer-head man.  But then my sight expanded to its environment…  and its surreal world of floating stuff and perspective is revealed to be full of textures, making it seem “real”.

View them all at Noupe.

I’d be careful with that

A package was handed over to one of my office mates a while ago by one of our security guards on duty from the gate.

When he asked who it was from, the guard replied that it was from a guy riding a motorcycle.

He looked at the package, thought for a bit, and kept it.

While I was not able to see what it was, it seems that my office mate was half-expecting receiving anything today.

Well, if it was me, I’d be careful. Who knows what plans were with that package. If it was food, it could be poisoned. If it was wrapped, it could be a bomb.

OK, so I am being paranoid. Well, that is from the perspective of a guy who was not expecting anything delivered to him. But if I was expecting something, well, that’s a different story…

But still… what if the package I was expecting was swapped by a different person?