Looking back on 2018

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hello everyone!

2018 for me has been a year of trials and tribulations.

It is a year that I can’t wait to bury in history. However, if we don’t learn from history’s mistakes, we end up repeating them.

Perhaps one of this year’s highlights must be my revival of this blog and my return to blogging.

If you dig deep enough in my not so long archives, you’d see a big leap in post date and topic.  You see, there was a time when I used this blog to review anime, even going the episodic approach! Ah, but that did not last long, as I found the process of actually reviewing what I was watching to pass the time too tiresome.

My return to blogging is more fueled by my desire to focus on writing. I want to be a successful (hopefully a best seller ;D ) author one day, and the path to that goal involves me writing a lot.

In connection with this blog, my best performing and most viewed post is an old one (Gundam and Transformers: A Look at Two Robots)  which I have written way back in 2012 (O_O’). As for my recent works, my first Inktober post seemed to have outperformed my posts involving blogging. Is this a sign that I must continue my art skills, too? Hahaha…

2018’s trials is more of financial in origin for me, mainly due to failed business endeavors. It has really affected me and I am still doing my best to recover from these blows. Instead of wallowing in my failure, however, I decided to take action and try to make efforts to monetize my blog. While it is true that cash will not immediately flow from my actions, at least it has set me into the path that will hopefully enable me to make some decent income out of it. I know this will take a lot of work and time. Let’s see where this goes. That is why, aside from this blog, I have also started actively posting in to my Patreon page as a way of self-publishing my writings and other works.

Late into the year, I have also helped my wife launch her Youtube Channel, in which I became a collaborator, a mentor, an editor, and an overall producer of her videos. I am more of a blogger as opposed to a video producer, but my interest in video production as well as my previous experience where I have written for audio-video productions for a client has been of great help. She has only five subscribers as of date, but is slowly chugging along. Building an audience in any platform is tough work, but eventually it will grow. We just need to keep creating, for not only will it help build our experience, but it also helps build a good portfolio which potential audience or readers will see, and hopefully encourage them to subscribe.

I am still filled with hope for the next year despite everything.

So, let me raise a glass to everyone and wish you all a prosperous new year!