Kentaro Miura, Berserk Author Passes Away at 54

Berserk creator Kentaro Miura has passed away – Critical Hit

I have been a big fan of Berserk ever since I started to read the manga a few years ago.

It has been so long since I started, and I am not sure if I have watched the anime.

It saddens me to hear that its author, Kentaro Miura passed away.

Berserk has been such an amazing manga – the story, the characters, and the art – there has been much passion put into this.

Only one ending. kentaro miura passed away recently, sad times. RIP to kentaro and one of my favorite mango series ever..

Rest in peace, and thank you for Berserk.


A Busy Body, An Idle Mind

Hello! I’m glad that you could drop by.

I haven’t been able to post anything this week, mainly because I have been very busy, and nothing notable to post has surfaced from my head for the past few days. Well, there might be some, but the inner editor in me often objects.

Fortunate for me, as of the moment, blogging seems to be a productive output for my procrastination today. Heh.

alone bed bedroom blur
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I find that forming an article from thin air can be difficult to do when exhausted. Most often I’d rather sit in a corner doing nothing after a very long day. Then, there are times when I’m too exhausted that I’d fall asleep where I sat down.

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A Homage to Hellsing?

I’ve been reading Hellsing, and am now close to finishing the manga series. It’s a great story about vampires.

Well, anyway, that isn’t what this post is about.

I guess I’m not too keen on noticing authors, eh? I mean, just when I’m about to finish the series, I just noticed that the author of Hellsing is Hirano Kouta.

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One Piece Manga 621 – Two paths

This chapter continues the flashback of the fishmen pirates that was formed underFisher Tiger.  A word of warning, there are spoilers ahead.  Read the chapter first. Continue reading “One Piece Manga 621 – Two paths”

Missed Opportunity

I saw a Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney manga in a bookstore the other day, and I was excited to purchase it.

However, I decided to check it out first on the internet if it’s good or something.  But my impulses are shouting, “Buy, Buy, Buy!”

When I returned yesterday, however, I decided to buy it, even though I haven’t seen what it is about.

I felt disappointed when I saw that it was already gone.

I have enjoyed the Phoenix Wright game (the first one) and wanted to have more stuff from the series.  I am also looking forward for the day that an anime will be produced.  Hey, a manga was created, so an anime is not that far away, right?

I hope that I can still find a copy.  It is a possibility that it was just moved around somewhere.

In a way, I also feel happy to know that there are people nearby who also like the Ace Attorney series.  But darn it, I want a copy, too!