How Arguments Work For Me

I have a positive view on arguments.

I view it as a means of expressing opinion and a way of changing another person’s mind and perspective by presenting evidences – whether they be statements of facts, or others.

What I mean to say is that, if your argument can be backed up by valid evidences, you are most likely to convince me.

The argument ends with me agreeing to your point, and I feel more enlightened. You get the win, yet I do not feel I lost. I feel more knowledgeable, at the very least.

That is why I approach arguments as a sort of debate. It is not a battle of who got the strongest voice, or who could manipulate another person’s thinking by using emotions such as fear or pity. It is a matter of who could properly state their facts in the argument – who has the more weighty evidence.

However, since an argument is not as structured as a debate, it still boils down to whomever could convince me. Will my statements hold up against yours? Will I be able to defend my line of thinking against your line of thinking?

And lastly, I am willing to back down. This, I think, is the important part of any healthy argument. Both sides must be willing to agree to the other side later on down the line, whether they like to or not. I am not as stubborn as others view me to be. Present me with facts as to why I am wrong, and I will concede.

I view arguments as a means of educating, imparting knowledge on the other side as to why their side of the argument is valid and true. With this view, I believe that both sides would at least leave the argument table with more information as when they started, even if they did not meet an amicable agreement.

I hope you have a nice day.

The Gray Clouds Around Here

Things are not too bright and cheery on my side, and I am afraid all my worries and problems are starting to leak out.

I feel exhausted, tired and I don’t feel all that passionate about life, and it is all because I am feeling the heaviness of the mistakes I have made in recent times that have been causing a large dent in my financial stability.

I was hoping that when December rolls in, the additional money that the annual bonus from my work would somehow alleviate my situation… But it turns out that it merely is just a small cushion that is barely felt.

I need to increase my monthly income so that it could absorb the previous investment blunders that I made, yet it seems that it will be more of a small drip that will just cause ripples in this pond of problems.

But I am at my limit with my regular job and the store that we are running. The store has me up until the late hours of the night, and then I have to wake up early to get to my job.

I feel the frustration of the grind. It’s like when in a game and you are working to earn your tiny experience points to fill up your experience bar so you could get that satisfying level up later on – – but you still have a long way to go. It can get exhausting. The grind often drains the fun away. Life’s fun feels like it is draining away from me. I want to travel, to experience the world, to have fun with life – – but first, I need to deal with this issue head on.

My dad said that me and my wife will be able to get over it. We’ll recoup our losses. I don’t know if he’s being sincere and he actually sees hope, or is just being supportive. I frankly don’t see it happening anytime soon. I feel that as time keeps moving forward, my financial problem keeps getting deeper.

I’m mostly an optimist, and I apologize for having you read all these things.

Well, I hope you have a nice day.

Got a Blank Notebook

Have you ever had one of those experiences when you really wanted something, but when you got it, find yourself unable to do anything with it?

It happened to me when I got a printer with scanner.  I found myself unable to work on anything worth scanning and uploading for a long time after I got it, despite the fact that I bought the printer for the scanner, so I can scan drawings and stuff.

manduka journal bookI got one of those blank journal/notebook things as a birthday present from my sister.  I had wanted to buy one of those for quite some time now, yet find myself second guessing purchasing one mainly because I am not sure what to do with.  I do know that I should write in it, but what exactly, I don’t know…

There is no rule how one should carry their journal, it is the journey of your personal space, your life, cherish it, when you come back and read it one day – you’ll smile, cry, or whatever, that is your life, make it, claim it, own it.


Then I read that one from a Yahoo! Answers page about what to do with these journals. I really liked that part about not having any rules. Why? That’s basically what is paralyzing me about writing in there. I feel that there is a certain rule or guideline that I should follow.

There is no rule. You define it, yourself. Do what you want. Write anything. It may be embarrassing or silly now, but a few years into the future, you’ll certainly be glad that you have written them down.

Hmm… Interesting…

I haven’t been on WordPress in a while.  I find the new look interesting.  It looks fresh, and seemingly easy to navigate. Plus, I do like seeing the blogs I follow immediately greet me as I log-in, rather than the freshly-pressed ones. I also like how they are generally presented.

I wonder if I’ll be able to post stuff here, or keep it idle and just lurk in other blogs. Well, either way, if I do have content worth posting, I’ll definitely post.

See you around.

Rise again

In mistakes, we learn.

Image Credit:

I tried writing an anime blog, and yet as time went by, and as my ability to watch new or good series took a toll from my work, I feel that I have failed.

It is a bit frustrating, but it made me think that it is not about  being perfect and awesome all the time that we can grow – but rather it is in the mistakes we make.  We learn from mistakes, and it makes us stronger.

My hesitation is often my downfall.

Well, I hope I can figure something out with this public blogging issue.  I do like writing, and I do want people to read what I write.

I will try again.

Remembering Giant Robots

Image Courtesy of

Probably my first exposure to anime were the giant robots/super robots genre, but since I was a very young kid at that time, I can’t really remember…

Plus, there were a lot of animations of the 80’s that were shown during the 90’s that further added to my confusion.  A few titles that I do recall are the Transformers (hey, they’re giant robots, right?), and Voltron: Defenders of the Universe.  In fact, it was not until a few years ago that I just realized after a bit of research that the original Transformers animation was not anime, but a cartoon.  There was also Robotech.

When I was a kid, I sort of enjoyed these giant fighting and transforming robots, but as I look back on them now, it sort of sends shivers down my spine.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  They had some influences in my life such as how teamwork is awesome and giant robots are cool.  But I guess the plot and animation sort of worn out on me.

An example was when Voltes V was re-aired (as claimed by the network.)  At first, I was excited to watch it, but as time went on, I grew tired of it.  It was something that I would watch since I had no other choice, but would leave if something better turns out.  Maybe the voice dubs also had something to do with it…

In any case, I am thankful for these influences, for if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t probably be enjoying my mecha anime now.

I’ll probably need a little more trip down my memory lane to recall which animation belongs to which genre, which anime or show I managed to finish, and which I’d rather not continue.

Missed Opportunity

I saw a Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney manga in a bookstore the other day, and I was excited to purchase it.

However, I decided to check it out first on the internet if it’s good or something.  But my impulses are shouting, “Buy, Buy, Buy!”

When I returned yesterday, however, I decided to buy it, even though I haven’t seen what it is about.

I felt disappointed when I saw that it was already gone.

I have enjoyed the Phoenix Wright game (the first one) and wanted to have more stuff from the series.  I am also looking forward for the day that an anime will be produced.  Hey, a manga was created, so an anime is not that far away, right?

I hope that I can still find a copy.  It is a possibility that it was just moved around somewhere.

In a way, I also feel happy to know that there are people nearby who also like the Ace Attorney series.  But darn it, I want a copy, too!

Not Forgotten

Hello everyone.

I feel terrible.  I haven’t posted on this site in a long time.  I hope that you have not forgotten about this site.  I have been terribly busy these past few months, specially since I had to finish up on my thesis.

Thankfully, that’s over now, and now I got more time for myself than before.

What’s up on my front?

So far, watching anime has gone down, but reading manga has gone up. Probably because an episode of anime takes around 20 minutes, while a chapter of manga takes around 10 minutes, depending on the internet speed…

Well, here’s to having more life on this site.

And if you haven’t already, check out our official facebook page to get some fans-only updates and infos.  You can also go have a look at my photo portfolio.

See you around, and thanks for reading.


Nothing makes one feel like an awesome blogger when he can’t post regularly, eh? [/sarcasm]

Well, things have been a busy, well, ok, very busy, but I know that ain’t much of an excuse…

Christmas is this Saturday, and I’m glad that I’ll have a few days off from work.

I still have a cold, and my voice sounds awful.

I uploaded a few photographs in our facebook page.  If you got the time, drop by.  I hope  you find some interesting stuff in there.

Well, that’s all for now.  See you around.