How to Survive This Pandemic

Before I begin, let’s start by saying that I’m pulling this out of thin air as a way to keep my sanity. There’s no rule book or guide or whatever that I’m pulling this from.

We cool? Alright, let’s do this.

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To survive, you need to keep in your head that you are not safe. Yes, being complacent about safety will get you killed. Well, in this pandemic’s case, it will get you infected.

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Why Are You Here?

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Why are you here?
I doubt that you’re here for some chicken and beer,
But if you’re up for a bit of good time,
I got nothing but some words and a rhyme
Or two. But it’s up to you,
“That ain’t too fun,” Yeah, that’s probably true.
We could always hit up that barbecue joint,
Anywhere, really, but that’s not the point,
Your company’s already pleasure enough,
Wherever, bub, that’s not too tough.
Are you up for a game?
I hear a new group’s raking in fame.
We can take them on, I hear they’re lame.
We’ll beat them so they’ll remember our name.

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