Yes – Completely My Fault

Today couldn’t start off any better – my orange fur ball of a cat, while playing with his brother, ran across our center table and knocked off the test tube vase that we have as decoration.

It shattered on the floor.

I was busy trying to glue the corner of my phone’s protective case so I can squeeze some more months off of it, so I did not notice what was going on until I heard the sound of glass smashing on the floor.

I was mad.

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

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I was expecting our financial situation to take a bit of a breather this month with the release of a few benefits from work. Last month’s loan, though it was not enough, sort of made a buffer to enable me to turn some debts that were late by a month to be updated.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck in the form of my wife’s dentures. One of her teeth which served as an anchor for her dental jacket rot, and her jacket came loose. A dental appointment was in order. I dreaded the expenses.

True enough, the costs were high, and I am left with the feeling of dread and despair. How will I continue? How will I survive? I can feel the grip of creditors tightening at my neck. Continue reading “When Things Don’t Go As Planned”