Where Did My Words Go?

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For the past few months, I have found myself unable to blog. Not just blogging, but writing in general.

This year’s NANOWRIMO has been one of my lowest word count in a while. It’s not the lack of time that’s the issue here. I am not bogged down by work as I have been in the previous years.

I blame my lack of discipline and dedication.

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On A Dry Spell: Dealing with Creative Block

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I don’t seem to have any good ideas lately… probably from being too tired… It can be hard to do any good thinking when you’re mentally or physically exhausted.

So why in the world am I writing about it?

I find it therapeutic.

Often, when I am experiencing writer’s block, I remedy it by writing about it. Somehow, the process gets me out of my block and I can resume writing again. Well, not just writing – but other creative times where I am in a slump can be remedied by writing about it.

Sometimes, getting a good walk could also get the creative juices flowing. Staring at a blank screen for a long period of time can be more stressful, leading to no writing done. A breath of fresh air, a new scenery and a good stretch of the leg muscles can help get some new ideas into your head. Try stepping away from your work and get out. Or at least try working in a different environment for a change.

And as a last resort – not stressing about the inability to do any creative works. Creativity can be blocked out by stress. While emotions can be a fuel to creativity – both positive and negative emotions, that is, stress can hinder the positive use of these emotions for creating something good out of them. So play a game, hang out with your friends or family. Take a load off. It will do you a lot of good in the long run.

What about you? How do you deal with writer’s/creative block?

Well, that’s it for now, I guess. I hope you are all doing well. See you around.

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