How do Compilations Fare in Publishing?

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I want to self-publish a compilation of probably either short stories or poetry I have written.

However, I know the difficulty of having sufficient materials to publish. To create completely new works for compilation and publishing would take a lot of time. Frankly, I don’t have a lot of time, nor do I have a lot of written works in my closet. I need to get the work done, and get it out as soon as possible, so I can get to work on the next project. The path of a professional writer is a harsh one, I have learned.

Most publishers favor previously unpublished work. And why wouldn’t they? People definitely would prefer reading something new over something familiar, wouldn’t they? I have seen some websites post higher rates for unpublished works, and a significantly lower rate for a republishing.

Which leads me to my question… How do compilations fare in the publishing world?

A compilation of a hundred new poems from a relatively unknown author, versus a compilation of a fifty (or more) previously published works from an unknown author in the publishing world… Which would fare better?

What I am trying to get at is that I am thinking of probably compiling most of the literary works I have done on this blog, publish it in a compilation, and probably sprinkle in a few new works. I really don’t know what this would amount to… But hey, I need to give it a shot.

However, I know this – it has to have something of interest to the buyers, or else the compilation will have no value. This is something I have yet to figure out.

In any case, NANOWRIMO is coming up, and I have yet to start penning my outline, but real-life work is getting at me, and real-life issues eating at me from my core. It can get hard to get in an inspirational mood to write. But write I must.

I hope you have a nice day!