Closing Shop

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Perhaps one of the biggest change that we will be experiencing for 2020 is the closing of our store.

My wife and me have been running that small brick and mortar shop for at lest ten, but less than fifteen years. It has been a grind, and we had experienced a time when it was very successful in its heyday. However, as all good things must come to an end, so must our business.

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How Do I Increase My Sales?

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Hello everyone.

Before continuing, my title is not rhetorical, so if you are looking for those kinds of post… this is not for you. Stop now, before you waste any more of your time. 😀

So… Anyway, now that that’s done, let’s continue…

I have a brick and mortar shop. It’s small, and sells general merchandise at retail.

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Some Problems Don’t Just Fix Themselves

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When the end of the month approaches, I am reminded of the financial mess that I made.

It can’t really be helped much when unforeseen events causes business to fail or perform poorly, and when the end of each month rolls in, bills reminds me that what I have is not enough, and that I am failing.

We run a physical store, which has been in operation of around five or eight years already. It’s not much, but it has been able to augment our finances, apart from my regular desk job. Thanks to our business, we somehow did well for ourselves.

However, as times changed, so did the market environment. There seems to be more competition which took a chunk off of our market share, slowing sales down. While our business still could float on the water, our personal finances which relied initially on excess profits from the business is struggling.

Aside from that, we also made terrible investments that flopped this year. In our attempt to increase our sources of income, we inadvertently ended up making more problems for ourselves when the second and third business we invested in failed. It’s understandable that in business, there is no guarantee. It just hurts when mistakes have repercussions – and in this case, additional bills to pay at the end of each month.

Earning online as a primary source of income was never really a plan before – it was more of a hobby, a source of income on the side. I have this redbubble shop where I create designs which could be sold on that site for phone cases and shirts, and stickers. I have not really thought about blogging as a source of income, and yet I have started to study on what ways one can earn income from their blogs (affiliate marketing is one of them, which I am still lost on how to go about with it.) Patreon is something that is completely foreign to me for I really don’t know how in the world I could use that platform…

What I’m trying to say is that I know that I have a problem, and that I am actively trying my best to figure out a solution… Yet it can be a bit daunting, and also disheartening when the bills roll in.

Some problems in life can fix themselves without worrying about it too much. Some require minimum effort. Yet some problems need not only a lot of effort but would only be fixed after a period of time has passed.

On a bright note, my younger cousin – who is I treat as like the little brother that I never had, is going to get married next month on December 7. Five years ago, he stood as the best man in my wedding, mostly because his elder brother – who is also like the elder brother I never had, was not available. I wish him the best in life.

Well, I hope you have a nice day. Later.

How I Made Money Online

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When I was a kid, I had thought up of making a website and earning a living off of it.

Many years later, however, I don’t have a dot com website to my name, but somehow I realized my dream! I made money off the internet.

Before anything else, I am not here to brag. The income I earned was small. It was only a few dollars a month, less than a hundred dollars if you want to narrow it down some more.  Frankly, however, I did not care for the amount I got. “I did it,” I told myself, and that was all that mattered.

I first started with building a website. I studied HTML and got some free webhosting. Free because I was a student at that time and all I had to invest was my time. I then pumped it full of ads. Embarrassing, I know, but that was how I started. Unfortunately, that did not work. It had terrible traffic, and revenues from GoogleAdsense was also very low.  To profit properly from Adsense, I had to have thousands of visitors, and some had to click on ads.

My next attempt was opening an online shop. I opened an account on etsy, but realized I lacked the skill to make arts and crafts. Then I learned about RedBubble . is a website for creative people. You just make a design, upload it, and apply it to their various products available, such as shirts, phone cases and mugs.  I thought those were cool, and I had always wanted to have my own merch.  It sounded easy enough. I could make some art stuff. Everytime I would make some art, I’d share them on tumblr. Some gets noticed and gets reblogged a couple of times. Those had links to my shop, which helped in making my sales. Every month, the profit I made from my shop were transferred to paypal, which I then widrew to my bank.

If you want to take a look at my shop, just click this link. Perhaps an on-line shop such as this is the one for you.

However, if visual art is not your thing, there are a lot of ways one can earn from the internet now. Here are ten ways you can make money from the internet:

  1. Be a virtual assistant
  2. Be a virtual tutor
  3. Be an affiliate marketer
  4. Write a blog
  5. Open an online store
  6. Write an e-book (I read that nonfiction is easier to make than fiction)
  7. Be a youtuber. You need to have a large following to enable displaying ads and livestreaming.
  8. Take paid surveys.
  9. Make an App.
  10. Be an online transcriptionist

If you got the skill, you can make some money from the internet.

What about you? Are you earning an income from blogging? Or perhaps using blogging as a way to improve or promote another business? Any more money-making ideas you would like to share? Let’s talk about them in the comments.

Thank you and have a nice day.