Life is a Grind

hitachi white black angle grinder
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It is an endless grind to achieve a goal. It can be tiring, tedious, repetitive… However, it is what it is.

Accept that to reach a goal, we’d have to work to get there.

Lately, I have been feeling burnt out.

I am feeling the inevitability of the grind without the end goal in sight. I am not feeling that I am advancing, rather, I feel that I am falling even farther from my goal, and that is what is making me feel burnt out.

I want to take a break, but I can’t. I have to keep going. I have to keep fighting.

Fight, and you live. Give up, and you die.

Fight on, and keep on moving forward.

It may take a lot of time. It may seem that there is no progress. It may seem that we may be in an endless cycle that is going nowhere… But if we are taking small steps, even if it is by a few centimeters… what matters is that we are somehow closer to the goal.

Life is a grind. Embrace it.

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