Botched Up the Patch Job

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In my previous post – I mentioned how our City was in the path of an incoming typhoon, right?

Well, fortunate for us, the path went a lower course and missed us. The most we experienced was some heavy rains around five,  up to seven in the morning.

The day before, which was Thursday, we got ample time to prepare and anticipate for the typhoon. We moved the potted plants we had at the balcony indoors, covered up the washing machine, and I had to do an inspection of the roof above the kitchen.

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As if One Crisis Was Not Enough

Hello everyone. How are you all doing in these trying times?

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Things are slowly settling here in the Philippines. It would seem that by next week, strict quarantine controls will only be limited to a select few areas. Our city will probably go back to normal next week – well, at least the so called “new normal,” at the very least.

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Not Really in a Good Place

Hello, everyone. I hope you are all doing well.

I know I have not been posting much this month mainly because I have been finding difficulty to gather up the motivation and inspiration to do so.

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Things have not been going well. Last month, I applied for a loan to help restructure my current loans to give my financial situation a bit of a breather. When my salary for this month rolled in, the payment for that loan was already deducted because I was already billed, yet no fund was received. I followed up to the concerned agency and they said that my loan, although already approved, was still in processing. Well, if it was still in processing, I argued, why did they bill me already? I got a reply along the lines of that is how their system works and that I would get the proceeds before the month ends.

As of today, the month is really close to ending, and I have yet to receive the funds for the loan.

My budget is really tight.

With the closing of our store last month, I have no other source of liquid funds. This debt restructuring that I was supposed to be doing was meant to absorb debts incurred by the business (it is a sole-proprietorship, so yeah, its debts are ours), and the debts we made so that we could live off my salary.

With the fumble that the lending agency did, my tight budget got blown to bits, and I am feeling the stress of it, plus the passive-aggressive assaults from the wife. Both hurts like hell.

Follow-ups have been made, respectable e-mail of complaints have been sent, but they seem to have resulted to nothing. This is one of the problems with dealing with large national agencies. A tiny speck of an individual is nothing against the large machine.

I can be lenient with our family spending. As long as the bills are paid and debts settled, we can buy what we want. However, the current financial situation has put a large strain with me and my wife. So, yeah, I guess I am not really in a good place at the moment.

So, here I am writing about it as a way to vent some stress off of me.

I am still constantly following up the agency for the release of my loan. I have also learned that I am not alone and that others are also sharing my predicament. We keep getting responses that our funds will be released soon. “Before the end of the week,” they say, “or maybe early next week.”

Guess what? I got those exact words when I followed up in the beginning of the month when I saw the billing that was to be deducted from my salary.

I am not too hopeful, but I am desperately wishing that my turn be up for processing and the damn check be finished.

I got bills to pay and mouth to feed, too.

Anyway… *ahem*…

Steven Universe - Peridot In the Toilet iPhone Case by jomzojeda
My attempt at toilet humor

It would seem that has implemented some sort of affiliate program on their system, so if you click on my link (My Shop), and buy from whoever in their site, it would seem I would get some credit off of it. I haven’t actually seen it in action as the only inflow I had so far from that website are a few sales of my design. So, if you are in the market for a new phone case this year, or probably something nifty for your laptop, click my link. There are a lot of designs that are much, much cooler than mine, that I guarantee. Hahaha…

That is all for now, if you made it this far, thank you so much for reading. I hope you have nice day.

Don’t Trust Your Memory

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I knew that our memory is fallible. I read articles in the past, similar to this one (“Why does the human brain create false memories?“), that our brain fills in the blanks on things that it thinks to be the most possible.

The other day, I was busy looking for a shelving , which from what we recall consists of three layers, in increasing sizes. It was installed in our living room before we had it remodeled.  I looked everywhere for the longest one. I looked under beds, inside closets, even had the nagging feeling that we might have thrown or given it away. My wife believes that we had them stored.

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

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I was expecting our financial situation to take a bit of a breather this month with the release of a few benefits from work. Last month’s loan, though it was not enough, sort of made a buffer to enable me to turn some debts that were late by a month to be updated.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck in the form of my wife’s dentures. One of her teeth which served as an anchor for her dental jacket rot, and her jacket came loose. A dental appointment was in order. I dreaded the expenses.

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It Was All a Dream, Right?

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Richard’s eyes snapped open, he found himself on his bed sweating and breathing hard.

“It was all a dream?”

He looked at his hands and saw words written on them…

“It was not a dream.”

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Be Careful When Investing Money In Business

Have you ever found yourself in a tight corner, in despair with almost nowhere to go?

That’s what I feel now after I received a notification from my bank. I am two months due for my home loan payments, and I am now very close to probably getting sued and evicted.

I thought I could stretch it out until my next paycheck on the 15th. I thought I could make it and survive for a few more days. One more week…

Then I received the bank’s message.

I felt like a truck hit me.

Aside from my work, we also run a small store. It’s not much, a mom and pop store. With recent economy changes, and a change in the business environment, it has been struggling.

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Eyeshield 21 Ep 6 – Recovering from Pain


Eyeshield 21, an amateur at American Football, yet a person with a great talent in speed suffered his first tackle.  It was a rather painful one.  It most likely damaged not only his physical body, but also caused some emotional scars.

We have a natural avoidance for pain. (Unless you’re a masochist who prefers to receive pain…) Such is observed when we accidentally touch a hot object and we react with reflex by pulling it away. Once pain is experienced, we would rather not have to go through it again.

I can imagine the fear of possibly going through another painful experience. And that could affect us mentally, which would then affect us physically.  We tend to be more careful, and try to take lesser risks that could result to the pain.

How would Sena react to this turn of events? He’d rise to the challenge, of course!

We fail, we fall, but we must stand up and rise again.  What does not kill us makes us stronger.  Once we overcome that fear of experiencing pain again, we become braver.

I find it timely that I try blogging here again with this episode.  After my previous post, I felt that I should try again. Hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Rise again

In mistakes, we learn.

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I tried writing an anime blog, and yet as time went by, and as my ability to watch new or good series took a toll from my work, I feel that I have failed.

It is a bit frustrating, but it made me think that it is not about  being perfect and awesome all the time that we can grow – but rather it is in the mistakes we make.  We learn from mistakes, and it makes us stronger.

My hesitation is often my downfall.

Well, I hope I can figure something out with this public blogging issue.  I do like writing, and I do want people to read what I write.

I will try again.

Remembering Giant Robots

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Probably my first exposure to anime were the giant robots/super robots genre, but since I was a very young kid at that time, I can’t really remember…

Plus, there were a lot of animations of the 80’s that were shown during the 90’s that further added to my confusion.  A few titles that I do recall are the Transformers (hey, they’re giant robots, right?), and Voltron: Defenders of the Universe.  In fact, it was not until a few years ago that I just realized after a bit of research that the original Transformers animation was not anime, but a cartoon.  There was also Robotech.

When I was a kid, I sort of enjoyed these giant fighting and transforming robots, but as I look back on them now, it sort of sends shivers down my spine.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  They had some influences in my life such as how teamwork is awesome and giant robots are cool.  But I guess the plot and animation sort of worn out on me.

An example was when Voltes V was re-aired (as claimed by the network.)  At first, I was excited to watch it, but as time went on, I grew tired of it.  It was something that I would watch since I had no other choice, but would leave if something better turns out.  Maybe the voice dubs also had something to do with it…

In any case, I am thankful for these influences, for if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t probably be enjoying my mecha anime now.

I’ll probably need a little more trip down my memory lane to recall which animation belongs to which genre, which anime or show I managed to finish, and which I’d rather not continue.