Not Really in a Good Place

Hello, everyone. I hope you are all doing well.

I know I have not been posting much this month mainly because I have been finding difficulty to gather up the motivation and inspiration to do so.

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Things have not been going well. Last month, I applied for a loan to help restructure my current loans to give my financial situation a bit of a breather. When my salary for this month rolled in, the payment for that loan was already deducted because I was already billed, yet no fund was received. I followed up to the concerned agency and they said that my loan, although already approved, was still in processing. Well, if it was still in processing, I argued, why did they bill me already? I got a reply along the lines of that is how their system works and that I would get the proceeds before the month ends.

As of today, the month is really close to ending, and I have yet to receive the funds for the loan.

My budget is really tight.

With the closing of our store last month, I have no other source of liquid funds. This debt restructuring that I was supposed to be doing was meant to absorb debts incurred by the business (it is a sole-proprietorship, so yeah, its debts are ours), and the debts we made so that we could live off my salary.

With the fumble that the lending agency did, my tight budget got blown to bits, and I am feeling the stress of it, plus the passive-aggressive assaults from the wife. Both hurts like hell.

Follow-ups have been made, respectable e-mail of complaints have been sent, but they seem to have resulted to nothing. This is one of the problems with dealing with large national agencies. A tiny speck of an individual is nothing against the large machine.

I can be lenient with our family spending. As long as the bills are paid and debts settled, we can buy what we want. However, the current financial situation has put a large strain with me and my wife. So, yeah, I guess I am not really in a good place at the moment.

So, here I am writing about it as a way to vent some stress off of me.

I am still constantly following up the agency for the release of my loan. I have also learned that I am not alone and that others are also sharing my predicament. We keep getting responses that our funds will be released soon. “Before the end of the week,” they say, “or maybe early next week.”

Guess what? I got those exact words when I followed up in the beginning of the month when I saw the billing that was to be deducted from my salary.

I am not too hopeful, but I am desperately wishing that my turn be up for processing and the damn check be finished.

I got bills to pay and mouth to feed, too.

Anyway… *ahem*…

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That is all for now, if you made it this far, thank you so much for reading. I hope you have nice day.