Working on my NANOWRIMO

Hello everyone.

Things have been pretty hectic for me these past few days.  I barely had any time to think up of anything to post.

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In any case, NANOWRIMO is here. I started off late probably because I sort of forgot and was not able to start it off immediately as soon as November 1 hit. Mostly because we were off remembering our departed relatives by visiting their graves at the cemetery. After that, I got to editing my wife’s video which she wanted to upload immediately.  I’m an all around guy – producer, cameraman, editor, and sometimes extra to her works. It can be fun to see the number of views slowly climb. I really mean slowly. Well, it’s not like my posts here also rake in a huge crowd, too, eh? Hahaha…

So, back to NANOWRIMO – I initially had a plan. However when November hit, I tried to jump the gun and write a different story. A sort of related, but still different story. It was a bad idea. I hit a roadblock pretty soon.  So, I decided to return to my original plan for this year’s NANOWRIMO. I had a setting, partial list of characters, and even a plot set up. Why in the world did I try writing a different one at the start? I had no idea.

Anyway, so far, I am experiencing hurdles in describing clothing. I can portray action and events clearly (I think), but I kind of fall short on describing characters. I read somewhere that the amount of description anything gets in the story depicts its importance in the story. If you describe a rifle in the room, whether it be the actual murder weapon, or simply a red herring that the main character would note as having the wrong caliber for the murder, it must be used. Does the same goes for characters?

Yeah, I’m writing a murder mystery. I wrote one the other year, but fell short somewhere in the middle. I’m revisiting my main characters and am trying a new approach.

In any case, NANOWRIMO is a learning experience for me. The more I write, the more I learn, and the more I realize of my short comings – which is also good. It means that there are more aspects of this writing thing that I am learning and improving in myself.

How is your NANOWRIMO journey? Do you have a plot ready? Or are you pantsing it and just writing something off the top of your head?

On A Dry Spell: Dealing with Creative Block

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I don’t seem to have any good ideas lately… probably from being too tired… It can be hard to do any good thinking when you’re mentally or physically exhausted.

So why in the world am I writing about it?

I find it therapeutic.

Often, when I am experiencing writer’s block, I remedy it by writing about it. Somehow, the process gets me out of my block and I can resume writing again. Well, not just writing – but other creative times where I am in a slump can be remedied by writing about it.

Sometimes, getting a good walk could also get the creative juices flowing. Staring at a blank screen for a long period of time can be more stressful, leading to no writing done. A breath of fresh air, a new scenery and a good stretch of the leg muscles can help get some new ideas into your head. Try stepping away from your work and get out. Or at least try working in a different environment for a change.

And as a last resort – not stressing about the inability to do any creative works. Creativity can be blocked out by stress. While emotions can be a fuel to creativity – both positive and negative emotions, that is, stress can hinder the positive use of these emotions for creating something good out of them. So play a game, hang out with your friends or family. Take a load off. It will do you a lot of good in the long run.

What about you? How do you deal with writer’s/creative block?

Well, that’s it for now, I guess. I hope you are all doing well. See you around.

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Why Read Poetry?

I’m rather curious as to why people read poetry. Is it for some reason or another?

I am personally perplexed with poetry. I seldom read poems, but when I do, it sometimes leave me more confused. It is probably the very art of this media that has left me with this feeling – that there is some hidden meaning behind the words that the author wished to impart when I read it.

However, I also understand that poetry can be a sort of outlet of the ideas and emotions of the author. They may not be necessarily crafted to directly convey such messages to its reader, but rather, coded in a way that there is mystery within the work.

I sometimes write poetry, but more of an expression of things, which I do not want to directly convey – which is easily done through prose.

However, it makes me wonder… why do people read poetry? Is there something that I am probably missing?

Is it for the story? There are indeed some poetic verses that convey a plot. I have studied a handful of these in school. Perhaps.

Is it for understanding the profoundness that the author wishes to impart? Well, perhaps. But does that mean that for this kind of purpose, the author must be known to the reader?

Is it for learning? Does reading poetry teaches us something? Does it impart wisdom upon us, in a similar way that prose does?

I’m actually curious, but personally,  I read poetry for the story, whether it is an explicit story that is being narrated, or an implied story that is being described.

Well, have a nice day.

Blame it on Inexperience

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Have you ever had that urge to write down something you felt – some deep emotional feeling inside you that you feel like sharing it to the world?

It could be joy, grief, sadness, anger, whatever.

Yet you lack the words.

There are times when our emotions seem complex and profound that no simple sentence would be sufficient to accurately describe nor transmit it to others.

Yet, we somehow can’t.

And so, we pen it down with simple words, a sentence that end up not accurately portraying what we felt, what we intended, what we wanted.

In the end, in our frustration, our work gets tossed and trashed, and we, as the writer, are left with a feeling of failure – failure that we could not hold in our grasp this abstract thing, failure that we could not paint a picture with the tools that we have, failure that we lack the words to express what we have in our hearts and in our brain.

I believe this is due to a lack of experience. By experience, I mean experiencing the abstract feeling and writing it down. It could be that we have not attempted to write it down before, or we have not read it somewhere before. It could also be that we may have read it somewhere, but failed to identify it at that time, or we could not relate to the written words, that they flew over our head and we failed to grasp its meaning.

I experienced this feeling just a while ago. I wanted to express myself in words – a narrative seemed much to simple, hence, I attempted at poetry. It was terrible, or rather, I could not complete it for I felt that I lacked the eloquence. As I said earlier – inexperienced.

Perhaps, by experiencing more – we could grow as a better writer, or rather, grow as a better person. With this, we can move forward.

Never too Early To Prepare | A NANOWRIMO Journey

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It’s barely the middle of September already, and I am already prepping for NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month).

My NANOWRIMO Journey has been a path to improvement. In the past two years that I have tried, I ended up with two partially finished novels. The first got me 9,000 words, while my second attempt allowed me to finish in 16,000 words.

I guess novel writing is really that challenging, specially if one has to get 50,000 words in a single month.

This year, I’m trying to do a re-write of my first year novel. As early as now, I am organizing stuff and figuring thing out.

Why I fell Short

I guess improper planning and lack of experience is to blame. In my first year of writing, I just pants’d it. I dove into writing without much of an outline. I just thought of a character, a setting, and a mystery.  As I started writing, I realized difficulties with the plot. And when I hit around 8,000 words, I realized that I must be doing something wrong and attempted a re-write. Wrong move. Hence my novel was left unfinished.

Year two was better. Although I tried a different setting, new characters and an entirely new story, I still ended up short of stuff to write. At 16,000 words I was near finishing the story. I tried padding it with more plot but I ran out of time.

Moving Forward

This year will be different.

I have a rough story. I just need to sow in more sub plots to make it interesting, I guess. I just need to put more meat into the bones so I can hit that 50,000 word mark. This is not an entirely new story – it is a rewrite. My main characters are not new to me. I know them already. I just placed them in a different setting.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to start penning this novel down… hahaha… But I will have to stick with the challenge.  Hopefully, I complete it this year, and it will help me into writing more novels in the future.

Writing 50,000 words in a month is not that difficult. However, it’s writing something that makes sense, something interesting, something good that is composed of 50,000 words is a challenge.

Are you going to write something for NANOWRIMO this year? What kind of novel is it? How was your own NANOWRIMO journey these past few years?

Well, see you around.


Life can be a big pain sometimes…

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Life can be a big pain sometimes… Well, most of the time, really.

I feel overwhelmed with everything going on in my life.  I often wish I could just step away from everything and hope it just fixes itself.  Unfortunate for me, things are not conveniently set up like that.

Have you ever had days like that? Days that make you feel that breathing is suffocating – that everything seems to be falling to pieces?

I feel that way.  It is like everything I have worked on has been for nothing.  All of my hard work is crashing down, and no matter what I do – it keeps on falling. Hence, my paralysis.

I feel the futility of all my actions. I feel the impending doom breathing down my neck. I can feel it slowly wringing my neck.

I want to fight – I have to keep fighting. Yet I feel like I am backed in a corner with nowhere to go, nowhere to run…


Why I am Returning To Blogging (and you should, too!)

5 Reasons for Blogging.

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I haven’t written any decent blog post in years.  Micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Tumblr, among others has made us lazy when it comes to crafting well-thought out posts. Likewise, it also made us lazy in reading. The TL:DR (too long, didn’t read) culture of the web, our too limited time and our short attention span made us fearful of large walls of text.

Yet, write me must.

Writing as a form of human expression is vital. While I do applaud people who could sum up their thoughts and wits in a few hundred characters and at the sam time make us think or laugh in a short span of time, there are instances when more characters, and more words are needed to expound on an idea.

Here are my five reasons for writing blogs, and which I believe can be your reason for writing, as well. Continue reading “Why I am Returning To Blogging (and you should, too!)”