It Was Good While It Lasted – No More Cartoon Network Art on Redbubble

I received an e-mail today from, and it was a disheartening one…

Their licensing with Cartoon Network and Adult swim ended, and so, the licensed products they approved will no longer be available after January 31, 2022.

I’m sad to see this because my first licensed work was from Cartoon Network – specifically from Steven Universe. In fact, my only officially licensed work is from that series… heh. It made me feel validated as an artist, and it also allowed me to make some money off of my art.

Sales from redbubble, though small, has helped me in critical times, and I am forever grateful to those who have helped and supported me by buying from my shop.

Toilet humor works. “Peridot in the Toilet” will be available in my shop until January 31, 2022. Get it before it gets taken down by the Corporate Overlords

So… with the removal of these from my shop – I guess my sales will probably drop to zero. hahaha…

The works, from what I learned will not be actually deleted from the platform- just disabled. Which means that should their talks with Warner Bros go through, there may be a chance that my work will be reinstated. Though whenever that happens, the chance that my work will still be relevant to the public or that links and google searches will still point to my work will probably be low…

It’s my fault, actually. I have not made any art in years. I did try to make a few art as part of the redbubble partner program, but they ended up being rejected.

So… now what?

I guess, it’s back to the drawing table – or tablet for my case. I have to craft up some witty, amusing or clever artwork that does not infringe on any large corporation’s Intellectual Property…

I also learned the the Redbubble Journal was also removed on July 2021 – so this announcement, which was supposed to go there, ended up here. Because of this – I also added the Redbubble category in this blog to group these Shop-related concerns there.

This made me think of the effect of not owning your own platform, and why it is important to have your own hosted website. This is something that I have always wanted. Perhaps when my cash flow is better.

In any case, thank you all for visiting and reading. I appreciate your support.

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